StoneAge Prize Pack Giveaway

Onrpg is working with StoneAge 2 to give away to each member the following GREAT items:

  • 1 Light Bone Club – Great Starter Weapon
  • 5 Dinosaur Cookies – Try these when your Endurance is low
  • 1 Fresh Milk – Can’t have cookies without milk
  • 5 Sweet Grass Charms – Wander encounter free for 30 minutes with one of these..and we’re giving you FIVE!!
  • 1 Rough Stone Helmet – Great little piece of armor
  • 5 Fruits of Perception – Want an EXP boost?? Try one of these.

To get your prize you have to follow these instructions:

To use your code:

  1. Download Stone Age 2 from our download site:;
  2. Go to the Stone Age 2 website:
    and login (if they don’t currently have an Aeria account they will need to create one).
  3. Once logged in they should look for the Event in our Event section
    which will be called the "Cross Promotion with MMORPG Event".
  4. When they open that Event they will see a box to put the code in and
    a Submit button. After they enter the code and hit submit they should receive a "Thank you" screen.
  5. Then from there all they have to do is log into the game using their
    Aeria Username and Password and visit the "Delivery" NPC in any of the town arena’s. Once there the NPC will give them the items.

This event has expired.