Storm Riders Beta Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with 101XP Games to welcome players into the beta test of Storm Riders, a PvP focused new free to play Asian-themed MMORPG!

Storm Riders Gameplay

Storm Riders takes you on a mystical journey through strikingly beautiful East-Asian inspired lands. Take up arms as one of four character classes, battle through territories of enemies, and unlock powerful weapons and magic as you prepare yourself for end-game PvP battles. Once your spirit is strong, test your might in the arena or unite with allies to battle for control of entire territories!


To Redeem your Key:

  • Sign up for Storm Riders at the official site.
  • After you reach level 13, Hall of Prosperity function will open.
  • Press the icon in the top right corner and go to the “Activation codes” menu.
  • Copy-paste your key and the pack will be added to your inventory.
  • Notes: Codes not valid on the Russian server.

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This event has expired.

  • conan bungalow

    this is soooo sweeet man!

  • Pika Pikovich

    Thank you, the game looks interesting enough!