Strife CB Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with S2Games to welcome a new batch of players into the Strife Closed Beta test! A lot has changed over the past few months so be among the first to enjoy the new Strife.

Strife pushes the MOBA genre into a less toxic realm through focus on teamwork and succeeding as a unified team. With epic animations and a unique art style, exciting elements that force team fights, and an ever growing cast of quirky characters, Strife is going places.



To Redeem your Key:

This event has expired.

  • Beqerel

    have probelm with all keys says my ip already take keys

    • vukk1998

      me too

  • debinnv

    same here

  • Joe

    Hey man, I haven’t claim a key from onrpg for like a mont. Why is my IP blocked for claiming to many keys.

  • Xenocrysis

    Same Here :O

  • datluck

    same here… acccidentally clicked without being logged in

  • jockyyy901

    “Several keys from this giveaway have already been claimed from your IP address; you cannot redeem any more keys from this giveaway right now.”

  • nikitakup

    have problem: it says my ip already have taken the key, but I haven’t done it

  • Cemea

    Yeah I got the same message when I tried to get a key as well.

  • mouzbreaker .

    i get the same message when i try ti take a key

  • Razu-Xess

    have probelm with all keys says my ip already take keys

  • Your key is: YX36J-COP6E-3F2UP-KMPOO-7MSLT