Tantra Global Item Giveaway

Onrpg is working with Gamenetworks to give away 500 free items for Tantra Global! Get your key and claim your prize! You can win the items such as:

Premium Items like Tiger mount, Premium Pack, Bundle of Pots etc.
Rare Armors or weapons and one level up!!
To get your key you have to follow these instructions:
* If you are not yet an member of Onrpg please sign up here: http://www.onrpg.com/boards/register.php
* Enter your Onrpg username and password below to get your Code
* The key will appear at the bottom of the page, copy & paste to a safe place otherwise you may not be able to retrieve it
How to use your key:
* Send the codes to tantra-gm@gamenetworks.com
* Wait for confirmation that your code has been generated to a random in-game item or a level up
* Log-in to the game, check your reward and enjoy playing!
Note: Only 3 key codes are allowed per In-game account. Account having same information will not be entertained, thus the code that they get will be void.
Have fun!

This event has expired.