TERA Steam Kings Crown of Gold Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with En Masse Entertainment to celebrate TERA‘s dominance of the Steam free to play MMORPG landscape by making everyone feel like royalty with a Crown of Gold Pack Giveaway!

From En Masse Entertainment, TERA is at the forefront of a new breed of MMO. With True Action Combat — aim, dodge, and time your attacks for intense and rewarding tactical combat. Add the deep social experience of an MMO to best-in-class action combat mechanics for a unique blend of both genres. Download and play TERA today on Steam or via the official En Masse Entertainment website.

The code below unlocks the Golden Crown as seen below:
TERA Crown Pack Giveaway



To Redeem your Key:

  • Log in to your En Masse account at http://tera.enmasse.com/.
  • Select “Account Settings.”
  • Click the “Enter Code” button on the right.
  • Enter your game code and click “Submit.”
  • Please note that these codes are intended for players in the North America region only.

This event has expired.

  • Zubin HV

    Sadly doesnt work for me.

  • Laothwyn

    Yeah, this key isn’t working.

  • albi

    Aprils fool?

    • albi

      fixed. login to claim

      • Cherryblossomgems

        April’s fool in may. Yep…

  • pari Pariente

    My boyfriend and me got the same key in 2 different computers, wtf ? o.o

  • Hernan Weiss

    Nope, dosnt work

  • Laothwyn

    Looks like whatever system they had was broken, seems they fixed it, thanks!

  • axel93

    It’s work o/

  • kiko

    thanks,I really appreciated!

  • MeekioSinstraviki

    Im clicking get key and nothings happening.

    • Jack

      ya its a fucking scam to get your information

      • khaleesiweathur

        Lmao, it’s not.

      • Talks

        How is it a scam, its not asking for ny of your info

  • Jennifer Saxton

    Is there a way to view my key after refreshing the page? I got one, but now can’t view it. D: I really want the crown!

    • Mohammad Abubakr

      If you are logged into your OnRPG account, it should show again, that’s odd.

  • laquinx

    no keys left :/

  • james

    how to get my username

  • Nirvela

    🙂 ty

  • Martin .-.


  • pedoro

    nice way to hack accounts

  • Juan

    How do you claim it after you put the key in?

  • xcution