The Chosen Online Leveling Contest

OnRPG is working with Snail Games to host a leveling contest for their new game The Chosen Online!



The Chosen Online revolves around a continent controlled by 5 great emperors and watched over by the forces of light and dark. Though the forces of Light and Dark have long held reservations about striking against each other due to the instability it creates in the central kingdom, recent actions of the Dark seem to be testing the resolve of Light. Light fearing the ensured destruction that would occur if they interfere, stood by helplessly as the forces of Dark began to pillage and destroy the lands.





We’re giving away a prize pack with 3 rare pets in each to 5 lucky winners!


Prizes include:


1  Wooden Horse Mount

1 Black Elephant Mount

1 Little Dinosaur Pet





1. OnRPG members must signup and create a new Snail Account here:


2. Download The Chosen Online at their official website by clicking the top right corner:


3. Level up to level 20 in game on your brand new account (exisiting accounts do not count)


4. Post HERE (in the onrpg forum post) the following information when you have completed the steps above:

-The Chosen Online Account Name

-Server you leveled up on

-In game character name


Snail Games will contact the winning participants ingame! This contest is for a limited time only so get leveling now!

This event has expired.