The Last Frontier Alpha Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Asobo Studio to welcome players into the alpha testing of The Last Frontier, a futuristic MMO Shooter focused on exploring and profiting off alien worlds.

The Last Frontier Alpha Giveaway

Exidium Corporation is an industrial and research consortium focusing on space exploration and planetary excavation. Leader in its field, the corporation has become the reference for outer space expatriations, colonization, environment analysis and indigenous threat control. Exidium’s activities include notably:

  • Exploring distant space in search of colonizable planets, extractable resources, undiscovered lifeforms or stellar phenomena data gathering,
  • Manufacturing and delivering high-end equipment required for the above tasks,
  • Transporting pioneers to exoplanets and supplying colonies,
  • Researching new technologies on various areas, such as defense, transport, communication, maintenance, energy etc…,
  • Securing commercial routes.
    To Redeem your Key:

  • Connect to
  • Click on : Register Now
  • Follow the instructions to redeem your key.

This event has expired.

  • Atori

    Clicked on Register now, filled in all boxes but the last which requires a key… So I guess I can’t get a key without a key?

  • NationalArmy

    I do not get this !!! I have an account here,how do you get a key?!?I put in my username and password and click get key and nothing happens !! Please explain.

    • Robin

      website ahs been bugged for a while now I asked several times to fix it but nothing gets done, try using Internet Explorer that worked for me

      • Thaloth

        U got to pause ur adblocker for it to work…