War Thunder Ground Forces CBT Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Gaijin to offer beta keys to get you access to the second closed beta test of their War Thunder combat expansion, Ground Forces. Control the battlefield from below in massive metal juggernauts as you ride beautifully rendered tanks that are only more beautiful as they explode!

War Thunder: Ground Forces is a ground-based expansion for the initially aerial-combat focused War Thunder. Players will have the chance to pilot tanks in an expanding war that brings combat to the ground (and mixes it with air combat), with a realistic damage model based on actual tank physics. Tanks will be modifiable in terms of modules, armor, damage, and even appearance (from camo to decals).

The beta test schedule will be sporadic so keep an eye out for updates. The current planned tests are as follows:

Sunday (April 6th) – 18:00 PDT – 00:00 PDT
Tuesday (8th) – 06:00 PDT – 12:00 PDT
Tuesday – 18:00 PDT – 00:00 PDT
Thursday (10th) – 06:00 PDT – 12:00 PDT
Thursday – 18:00 PDT – 00:00 PDT
Saturday (12th) – 04:00 PDT – 09:00 PDT
Saturday – 18:00 PDT – 00:00 PDT
Sunday (13th) – 04:00 PDT – 09:00 PDT

ATTENTION: Once you log into the beta on your account with this key, the hardware will identify your machine to that account. Be sure to use your regular gaming PC so as not to lock yourself out of access in future play sessions. (ip-address doesn’t matter, only hardware).


To Redeem Your Key:

  • Login or register at warthunder.com
  • On the main page, click the “Redeem code” button in the right menu
  • Download the CBT-launcher and let it download the beta.
  • Keep an eye on the testing schedule over the next week!

This event has expired.

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