Wolf Team Item Pack Giveaway

OnRPG is working with Aeria Games to give away a limited time item and character pack for Wolf Team Online!



Wolf Team is a FPS featuring an unique system in which characters can transform into powerful werewolves capable of unleashing devastating melee attacks. Players must learn the strengths and weaknesses of each form and make split second decisions to switch between the two forms to attain victory in one of 7 game modes. Now is your chance to jump into the game and sample some of the finer weaponry and premium items!


Item Descriptions:

7day FANAS UAE: UAE has customized this type of FANAS imported from France. If you were looking for a dependable weapon this gun will do just fine.

7day HKE417: A Sniper rifle adopted by the US Army which is used for both middle and long distances. Close combat is also possible with this weapon but it is most wildly known for its mid  to long distance capabilities.

7day HKEI: A submachine gun specifically made for close quarters combat.  Has a fast fire rate and superior accuracy, but! If you are going against multiple opponents you are going to need a backup plan.

7day – SZ-552 PT: Truly a one of a kind weapon! Known and used by many of the world’s finest special force groups, mainly due to its high accuracy and overall unrivaled performance in its class.  If you are looking for a weapon that does it all the SZ-552 PT and other models are the way to go!

7day Hamadah bin Shabah: Special character for the red team forces. When this character transforms to a wolf he gains a special form amongst some other stat increases such as movement speed and basic wolf attack abilities.

7day MK-6EG: An incendiary grenade that upon exploding will shoot flames out around the surrounding area. Enemies will receive damage over time if they continue to stand in the flames.

7day Respawn Time Zero: If you ever grew tired of waiting to respawn once you have been killed by an enemy look no further! You will be allowed to instantly respawn once you are killed in battle.  Never miss a moment of frontline action when this item is equipped!


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Enjoy your item pack!

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