World of Fishing Starter Pack DLC Raffle

World of Fishing, a realistic fishing MMO, is now available and free to play on Steam! To celebrate, we’ve partnered with InselGames to give away ten starter pack DLC codes to help boost your fishing experience!

World of Fishing is a full­fledged MMO featuring character development, exciting quests and the addictive hunt for rare fish. Starting out with a small boat and basic equipment, players will be able to work their way up to the point where they will catch huge fish like tunas and even exotic sharks. Dynamic real­time battles with more than 450 fish species controlled by a realistic AI, provide an entertaining and challenging gameplay that feels as close to the “real thing” as possible.

Competitive players can face each other in the Team Match mode, while casual players will be able to enjoy the relaxing aspect of fishing in Freestyle mode, visiting beautiful, exotic fishing spots from Vancouver to Cape Town. Play on Steam or

To Enter:

  • Head over to our event thread and tell us why you like fishing, whether as a hobby or a sport (or a little bit of both)!
  • On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, ten people will be randomly drawn from all valid entries to win one of the Starter Pack DLC codes!
  • Codes will be messaged to winners via forum PM.

What does the Starter Pack DLC contain?

The DLC will give you a unique voucher code for use in the World of Fishing Pearl Shop that grants you the Bronze Package (value 14,99€) without further charge. You can also use the voucher to reduce the price on one of the more expensive packages.

 Where do I find my voucher code?

  • After purchasing/redeeming the DLC via Steam, go to “World of Fishing” via your Steam library
  • Browse to DLC
  • The DLC product key resembles the Voucher code

How to redeem a voucher in the WoF pearl shop?

  • Enter the Pearl shop by clicking the button “Pearls” in the top right of the WoF main menu.
  • Choose a package and by clicking “Details”, the name or the image.
  • Enter the voucher code in the field below the image.
  • Click “Choose”, check your selection and proceed by clicking “Buy”.
  • If your voucher is not covering the complete package costs, you will have to select your living country and proceed by confirming. Select now your payment method and proceed with “Buy now”.
  • Follow the instruction for the payment method and complete your transaction.
  • After a short confirm message from the Pearl shop, you can find your Pearls updated in game.

Please note, if the Pearls are not transferred immediately, you should just relogin to find your pearls balance updated.

Note: This is a giveaway announcement; no keys can be redeemed directly through OnRPG for this event.