World of Tanks Generals (NA) Beta Key Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Wargaming to be part of the first major release of beta keys for their tactical TCG edition of their most popular title, World of Tanks Generals. Grab your code below to join the action and show you have what it takes to win war at the highest level!

World of Tanks Generals is a collectible card game MMO featuring over 200 cards to collect and use. Cards range from tanks, to generals, to abilities. Using your cards strategically is the best way to ensure battles go your way. The game features several different game modes, from a tutorial designed to assist beginners, right up to tournaments to prove the best player. You can also take place in historic campaigns, much like World of Tanks. With the research system, you can also gain new cards when you’re not playing the game.





To Redeem your Key:

This event has expired.

  • Edocsil

    765AR-XPYUX-HZD2W-2GFUD is my key. I`m not from NA region, so i cann`t activate it

  • _Goo_

    I input my username and password and it tells me the password does not match the username. How is that possible since I logged onto the site with both?
    I keep getting this : Error: The username and password combination you have submitted is not valid. Please try again.

    • _mg_

      Same here

  • sweruga

    Did not see that the codes are only for NA so you can have my key: 765AP-DU2UG-3DUKC-XW4KV

  • celin95

    my kay not works 765AS-GN8V7-VUBZ6-3EDG6

    • cacamaca

      mine does not work 765AM-P6GNM-D8E7D-K2RY2