Zu Online Valentines Gift Packs Giveaway

This giveaway is for all members who are interested in Zu Online!

Especially for Valentine’s Day, IGG has prepared a special Gift Pack for players in Zu Online. New players can join too and receive these great prizes (total value 10 USD):

Valentine’s Day Gift Pack

* 50.000 Bones: these are usable for purchasing some items from the Item Mall and NPC vendors, paying a ride/teleportation and paying a refining process.

* 1 Fortune Casket: a common treasure box, you will obtain a random treasure by opening it!

* 1 Alchemy Gourd: is used to level up your character constantly.

* Level 10 Purple Gears for your corresponding class: this vestment can increase Attack Power, max Health, Magic Defense, the effect duration of shapeshifting speed, Physical Defense, etc. The purple gears for different classes have slightly different effects.

To get your Gift Pack you have to follow these instructions:

To use your CD-Key:

  • Register an IGG account and log in.
  • Download and install the game client.
  • Log into the game and talk to the Award Giver and enter the CD-Key.

Award Givers can be found at:

* Holy City: 682, 385

* Desert City: 450, 498

* Blue Mountain1:223,258

* Blue Mountain2:311,190

* Ghost Canyon1:417,220

* Ghost Canyon2:529,277

Note: one IGG account and one IP can get one key only.

Duration: February 11 – February 28

This event has expired.