1C Company Reveals September Launch Dates for Three PC Titles

1C Company News

1C Company announced today that three of their PC titles will be arriving on PC this September. Unknown Fate is going to be available on PC and PC VR on September 6th, with Oculus Rift support well on the way. It will also be off for 15% off at launch (14.99 normally) and is a story-driven first-person adventure with puzzles and enemies to take care of. Richard will encounter strange characters, unfamiliar artifacts and glimpses of his former life. Gift of Parthax is next, on September 12th, with an Xbox One release coming later. This will also be 15% off (9.99 normally) and is a 2D top-down arena fighter, with gothic pixel art and has players controlling Arif, a mage on a quest to save his friend.

Receiving the Gift of Parthax by competing in the Grand Arena may be the only way. The third title is Deep Sky Derelicts, on September 26th, for 15% off of the 19.99 price on launch. It is is an award-winning original game of ancient spaceship exploration, startling encounters, incredible loot, and danger behind every corner. The game features turn-based combat with cards in a retro sci-fi setting enriched with roguelike elements. The game launches following its successful Early Access program.

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