2029 Online Interview: A First Look

Questions by Vincent Haoson

Answered by Edwin Huang, Product Manager

IGG has been on of the companies that have brought into the MMO industry game after game after game. With their newest game going Beta, IGG has given us people here on Onrpg a chance to take a peek and spend some quality time with us.
We have Edwin Huang, product manager for 2029 Online to speak to us and give us the latest scoop on the game.

Onrpg: The forums have mentioned that the game is a mix of RTS and RPG gameplay, seeing the screenshots it does present the RTS feel of the game, where then does the RPG element come in?

2029 Online: Yeah, 2029 Online is indeed a complex mix of RTS and RPG. Many players told us that seeing from the computer graphics style and views, it looks like a mix of Diablo and World of Warcraft. Players who enjoy grabbing up tons of items and weapons, customizing their player and staying engaged with hours of dungeon crawling quests, 2029 Online just might be your kind of game.

As for the RPG element, you also can find it in the whole game. There are three races in the game. These are the Humans, Dryads and the Electronic (E.) Elves. It is up to players to choose a character. We offer a great variety of quest options, consisting of two different plot streams, one being the mainline story related quests and the other one being the plot related side quests. The NPC interaction is more choice based and fun oriented and does not dictate to players what to do. The game steers plot development based on the storyline. Players are given access to many tightly plotted instanced dungeons to further involve them in the storyline. The completion of a quest may even bring players into even more brutal battles. Some of the side quests in the game are even associated with mini plots.

What’s more, players will see many amazing things in the game with our gear refining system and Corsair DIY. While the game has all the elements of an RPG, it also works its way into a fun MMO. The AI and the tactical changes in the fast paced combat will immerse players in an exciting and ever changing gaming experience. I believe, the perfect mix of RTS and RPG will bring players more fun.

Onrpg: With only screenshots as a basis for the gameplay, is the battle system in 2029 Online similar to other RTS games like Red Alert and the like?

2029 Online: Like Red Alert? Uhm… the game may share some similarities with Red Alert in the RTS battlegrounds. But it is not entirely faithful to its predecessors. In 2029 Online, we have decided to stray from the norm to make the RTS fights in the game unique and action packed. We want to give players highly diversified RTS experiences. Combat with RTS elements means that more attention is paid to numerical superiority and military supplies. The game is focused on mercenary units, PVE instanced dungeons, 3C battles and massive PVP battles between guilds over control of cities. Although monster killing is still the most common form of combat in 2029 Online, after toggling PK on, players will be caught up in life of death duels among themselves. Players in the game can duel for fun or attack others out of spite. So, with a solid tactical base and the fun of an RPG, I believe this game will be an instant classic.

Onrpg: How does the auto leveling system work in 2029 Online?

2029 Online: Interesting topic. As you know, if we play games for a long time it’s not healthy. In 2029 Online, we’ve made special arrangements for our players. After turning on Auto Attack, leveling won’t be such a grind any more. However, to ensure fair play, we limit the activities that character on Auto Attack can do.

Auto Attack and monster killing is great fun, but to really get into the storyline and enjoy the game, Quests are the best. Not only are they more involved but they give more EXP and a dose of action and adventure. After venturing deep into the game, players may be asked to team up with other players to quest instanced dungeons, where they will find they are in the midst of war as various races vie for control of resources and the land.

Onrpg: What do you mean with “Tightly Plotted Instanced dungeons?”

2029 Online: Well, Tightly Plotted Instanced dungeons. Uhm… let me say it in this way: Players can enter our tightly plotted instanced dungeons and wait for other players to come and team up. In this 3 dimensional world, players are asked to complete a great amount of difficult of quests without being disturbed and worried about kill stealing. It is because players whom they do not party with can’t enter the combat scenes. All instanced dungeons in 2029 Online are places where the storyline picks up again, telling us of the conflicts that are raging throughout Helen Continent. When players enter an instanced dungeon, they and their teammates are forced to fight for survival and will have to confront many elite Bosses. The rewards reaped from killing them are very rich indeed.

We have multi-level dungeons. Players can choose one to enter based on their current level. No matter if they are a starter or a veteran. They will find an instanced dungeon for them. Players can fight alone or party with other players. Once they are in a team, they can participate in defensive warfare. A newbie player can team up with a veteran from Newbie Camp.

Onrpg: Does it mean that dungeons would have a tight connection to the overall plot of the game?

2029 Online: Definitely. After entering instanced dungeons, players are participating in a good balance of action and plot. The storyline gets extended by the gaming experience in the dungeons. There are dungeons of various levels for players to venture in and, if players team up, all teammates must be at the same level.

Onrpg: Speaking of the game’s plot, how would the players connect with the overall storyline of the game when the story that was presented already mentioned that there is a peaceful coexistence on Helen Continent?

2029 Online: well, the different races in the game do get along peacefully for the most part, though there are strains in those relationships. The main source of conflict comes from the battle for energy and resources that we see playing out in the world today. This makes it a very relevant game, with issues that we can directly relate to.

Battles can be won or lost depending on how well they complement each other. As players move on from the beginning, they will realize the importance of being united. Their campaigns will play out and they will quickly realize that, no matter what race they are, hiding their hatred and working together to defeat the sinister forces threatening their homeland is something they all can understand.

Onrpg: The forum showed 5 War-PVE dungeons are they any different to the normal instanced dungeons found in game?

2029 Online: Great, another exciting topic. In 2029 Online, we have offered our players a great number of distinctive instanced environments. These 5 War-PVE dungeons have placed themselves ahead of the curve with their fast paced, intimate battles. The level requirements for entering them are different and players will get access to these scenes within a set period every day.

Onrpg: Also, are mercenaries part of the RTS feel of the game? How so?

2029 Online: Yes, mercenaries are part of the RTS feel of the game. Mercenaries with different profession choices can help you complete quests quickly. Players make various tactical decisions to place their mercenary’s troops around the map. The focus is on having your troops working together in battle.

Mercenaries summoned in different maps are divers. With mercenaries specializing in different combat skills on their teams, players will have a refreshing approach to RTS game play.

Onrpg: Speaking of mercenaries, do they affect the experience earned by players while they’re in a dungeon instance? Would there be a limit to how much players can hire mercenaries and are they free or do players need to pay to use them?

2029 Online: Players can team up with three mercenaries at most. They must use ore to summon them. Exp that players gain will not be affected by mercenaries they summon.

Onrpg: How does the PVP work out in 2029 Online, the forum only mentioned about the pk system that would happen in 2029 online, so could you elaborate on it?

2029 Online: In 2029 Online, we have a versatile PVP system. Players can experience PVP combat by participating in 3C warfare, defensive warfare and individual PVP. In different PVP arenas, players are at different levels. Players will get various prizes ranging from EXP to instanced items for their performance in duels. Players Level 10+ are allowed to toggle PK on. Some maps are neutral and home to Non-PVP arenas.

Onrpg: What features do guilds have in 2029 Online?

2029 Online: Guilds will make their goals and responsibilities clear to their members. Guilds become powerful through battles for survival and supreme honor. Guild members will have different levels of authority and hold different positions. The option to be allied with a hostile guild is made available in game. All guilds can level their R&D development up and get upgrades as well. If a guild wants to pick a fight, send a letter to a rival guild and war is waged.

Onrpg: Could you elaborate on the importance of having new members is parallel to the guild’s strength?

2029 Online: Of course. I would like to share as much as possible with you. Guild member recruitment is important. With players newly recruited to join guilds, every contribution they make will be tallied up towards the overall guild development and EXP acquisition. Whenever a guild hits a new level, they can recruit new members to speed their progression.

Onrpg: With the concept of Guilds pegged down, how big do you expect the guild wars to be in 2029 Online?

2029 Online: In the game, players can participate in a massive scale guild war. Guilds at different levels can have players at different levels join in. The focus on maintaining R&D development and progressing to new levels will help guilds keep themselves ahead of the competition.

Onrpg: One of the main features of 2029 Online is the AFV system; would this eliminate equipments for characters? Or would AFV’s be more of like mounts while your character still has a standard set of equipments that is often found in MMOs?

2029 Online: Corsairs will not replace players’ other gear pieces. If players own a common Corsair, it will serve as a mount to speed characters’ movement. But players can tailor make their Corsairs by adding different components to their vehicles to suit their play-style and convert their transportation vehicle into a fighting vehicles. When players are riding in their Corsairs, weapons and armor active on their characters will be inactive.

Onrpg: How customizable are the AFV’s?

2029 Online: Players can customize their Corsairs with the addition of the following components: Attack Pieces, Armored Pieces and Power Pieces. By doing this, players will have their Corsairs’ attack power, defensive force and move speed polished. Craftsmen can help players upgrade these components.

Onrpg: When would players expect that 2029 Online go Beta? Could you give us an idea what players can expect when the game goes beta?

2029 Online: The first official Beta for 2029 Online will be released in March 17th. Bugs in the Alpha version will be fixed before the launch of Beta version with new maps and tougher Bosses available for our players. Closed Beta will come behind Alpha Test. If players who didn’t get an Alpha Key, they also can join the Closed Beta to enjoy the game.

We also want to suggest our testers have a basic understanding about the overall story, race info, maps, newbie guides and features in the game for a better start at our official site.

At last, I would love to say we really appreciate the concern and detail you paid to our game and are happy to find that there are so many players giving positive feedback about this game. And we should say thanks you for Onrpg.com’s kind interview.

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