4Story Review: Totally Playable Ripoff

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), OnRPG Journalist

There’s been a lot of flame wars throughout the net about 4Story being a World of Warcraft (WoW) Ripoff. I personally believe that despite awkward similarities, these games are still fantasy RPGs and would more or less be quite like each other regardless of their story or interface. When I started playing 4Story Online, I was surprised as to how WoW-like it was. Then again, if this type of gameplay makes this MMO work then I guess it was a good choice for an interface. People have debated and argued about the game’s so-called “Lack of originality”. But then again, There’s been a lot of click and attack games that look more similar to each other than this game does to WoW. Let’s dive in and see what this game has to offer.

Some Similarities

Referring to what I stated above, If you like World of Warcraft then you’re definitely going to love this game. Some people scurry around the net for free-to-play games that cater the same features of the highly renowned game World of Warcraft. After seeing this game, I surprised as to how WoW-like everything was. It’s as though every aspect of the game from questing to combat has been based on its pay-to-play (P2P) counterpart. A poor man’s WoW? I don’t think so. Despite its similarities, 4Story online still has a lot of things that makes it loved by MMO players worldwide.

4Story online focuses on the world of Iveria where three kingdoms (namely: DeFugel, Craxion and Broa) suddenly waged war on one another. The game doesn’t really cater much of a storyline aside from you being the legendary hero who was bound to change the cruel fate that beheld Iveria (yeah… you, me and everyone who plays this game).


Upon creating a character you’ll be prompted to choose one of three races. The three races (Human, Fairie, Werebeast) are there to amplify your class’ playstyle. A Werebeast for example has a high strength rate and low mana. This makes them formidable melee attackers while the humans get a perfectly balanced stat that can do less damage in that field. If you’re gonna choose a class, then why not boost its efficiency through your race?

The ingame classes are pretty much the same as that of World of Warcraft. Although they are referred to differently, you’ll be seeing a lot of similarities if you’ve played both games. This however doesn’t kill the fun since even though it’s practically guilty about mimicking a game, at least it mimicked a pretty good one. The classes are as follows: archer, assassin, priest, summoner, warrior, or wizard. Yeah it’s pretty easy to see that they’re practically re-sculpted versions of WoW classes but hey, no complaints here.

4Story Ninja

Oooh nice!

One amazing aspect of the game is how sorcerers or spell casters can acquire magic through special items known as Tears of the Godess or Sealed items. Unsealing them may cost a lot, but it’s worth trying over and over again when you know what you’re looking for.

The game also lets players open their own personal shop. Not really the Auction house type but at least people know whom they’re buying from. This is made for quicker transactions in the field. At least you don’t have to go to a mailbox just to check if you’ve earned something. Banks, portals and other World of Warcraft features have been renamed despite their similar services.

We didn’t mind this before… Ooh! Good job!

Once a feature merely called “Change target” has now been emphasized further and is now a  FEATURE known as “Hunting”.  Remember when you used to press tab to scroll around the mob just to allow you to hit a specific creature throughout an angry mob? Yeah, 4Story managed to turn this into an actual game feature. By pressing TAB, you can scroll around mobs allowing you to further enhance your ability to target things. This was merely a default action back in World of Warcraft… but I guess not everyone managed to use it. Maybe that’s why it’s quite emphasized here.


Yeah, the grass alone reminds me of World of Warcraft. The visuals are pretty much the same as its counterpart. Brightly lit, high contrasted, moody and ambient are some of the words that would mostly describe the visuals. It’s all a bit cartoony, which is good since there’s too many realistic looking MMOs to go around. Something new for a Free to play (F2P) game I suppose. Mental Note: Having F for a loot button is kinda awkward.

I’ve seen this black and white world before

Upon dying, you’ll be forced to enter the spirit world if not resurrected. In order to get back on the road, you must either find your dead body or ask the Chaos monk to resurrect you of course with a couple of side effects. Yes, quite familiar isn’t it?


The ingame music lacks a certain ‘oomph’ to it. Sometimes it’s quite mellow which doesn’t really suit a place where combat is most likely to occur. The battle sounds are quite extravagant though. Hearing your sword pierce through your enemies has never sounded this intense. Even the spells sound a bit more fiery than World of Warcraft itself. Sounds serve as the chain that binds the visuals together. Might I say that the ingame sound effects managed to bring this game to life.

Should I play?

Quite frankly, Yes you should! The game has a good amount of players. If you’re tired of normal Grinding then this game is quite good. I’ve yet to grind so far and it looks like I wont be doing so any time soon.

4Story Players


There’s not much to say, it’s pretty much like World of Warcraft in almost every way. Then again, it’s free. So if you’re looking to play a game thats pretty similar to WoW then this game would do you justice. The visuals are easy on the eyes and yet it doesn’t demand much from your computer. This game is heaven sent for almost every MMO gamer out there.


– WoW like interface
– Good character balances
– Good sound effects
– Nice visuals.

– Looks too much like WoW?

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