AAA and Hollywood Vets announce Nintendo Switch/PC Shooter

Sleep Tight news

We Are Fuzzy is a team of AAA game developers and film VFX artists, whose credits include Far Cry, League of Legends, Westworld and Titanfall (Maxx Burman). Artists come from films such as Wreck-It Ralpha, and Zootopia (Dylan Ekren), as well as Ubisoft’s Oscar Mar, make up this crack team. They’re working on a title called Sleep Tight, which draws from shared childhood experiences to deliver on a twin-stick shooter that combines non-stop action with a charming, adorable world wrapped in blankets of nostalgia. During the day you build pillow forts to prepare for the monsters that come in the night! Using dart Gatling guns, water balloon launchers, and remote-controlled gun turrets, you will do battle with the forces of darkness.

“Since I was a kid, I always wanted to make games. After 10 years of working on other people’s projects, it was time to make my own, and I wanted to go back to that feeling of pure play.” said Maxx Burman, co-founder and creative director at We Are Fuzzy. “I feel fortunate to work with such talented artists to bring this Pixar-esque world to life. I think it’s an experience that will appeal to the young at heart, no matter their age.”

More information can be found on their official website.

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