Ace Online Episode 3.3 Update Interview – SPACE DRAGONS!

Ace Online Episode 3.3 Update Interview – SPACE DRAGONS!
By Michael Sagoe (mikedot), OnRPG Journalist


Ace Online fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the episode 4 expansion of this spaceship themed MMO, and while the episode 4 expansion is still in the works, another major update was released back in April 2010 to wet their appetites. Ace Online’s Episode 3.3 update includes a new raid instanced called the “Infinity Field” which is filled with massive intergalactic dragons. Also included in the update are full squadron formation bonuses and tier-8 slot machine armors.


Ace Keeper


OnRPG: Does Episode 3.3 make any advancement in the storyline for Ace Online?
The storyline in Episode 3.3 does expand on the ongoing war between the Decan race and their neighbors, the Vatallus. The update adds new quests and maps that show the escalation of the war between the two races. You can view some of the story on the ACE website at but the rest of the story, as well as the new additions will have to be discovered while playing the game.


OnRPG: What are some of these Kreacian Dragons creatures that players will have to face in the Kreacian Holy Lands? Does each dragon react differently to enemy threats?
These dragons are significantly stronger than other bosses in the game. They possess various skills, and the strongest dragons can attack with multiple skills simultaneously. The first dragon the players encounter is not that different than other bosses. However as you start fighting more dragons, each one starts displaying new skills and more lethality than the previous one.


Plane Ace


OnRPG: These dragons sure do sound like a handful. What kinds of strategies can players employ to take down these beasts?
The strategies the players have started using against the dragons are dependent on the GEAR type they fly as well as their own flying skill. Between trying to lure the enemy spawns and firing using multi-targeting weaponry or forcing the enemy to fly low for easier bombing, there have been many tactics and strategies developed in dealing with them. We can’t list them all.


OnRPG: There is a special NPC vendor located inside the Infinity Field area. What is so special about wares that this NPC vendor sells?
The items this vendor sells are mostly Infinity Field power-up items. But some of these items are also usable outside the Infinity Field. To really be able to dominate the Infinity Field, the items this vendor sells is an absolute must! From bonus damage to damage dispersion to powerful healing items, this vendor is necessary to survive the Infinity Field.


OnRPG: The formation buff function sounds interesting. Could you tell us a little about how newly added function came to be?
It’s quite simple really. Formations are essential in wars but there was no reason to use the different formations except for aesthetics. This gives the player a reason to pick various formations as well as add a bit of strategy when players choose what GEAR types they want in their formation.


OnRPG: How many different formations can players execute in battle? What kinds of buffs can be earned through these different formations?
There are eight formations available to the players. It’s as easy as making a formation, having people join it, then the leader chooses which formation to fly in, and the other players would just press “F2” to be automatically guided by the leader. The buffs can range from a flight speed increase, to damage bonuses, to damage sharing, even hovering!


OnRPG: Could you tell us a little bit more about the Tier 8 Slot Machine armors?
The Tier 8 armors have a unique look, like all the other Slot Machine armors. The M-Gear gets one that looks like it has carapace armor called the Scorpion Defender. The I-Gear armor looks like a sleek alien craft called the Stiletto Binder. The B-Gear gets a green ship called the Venom Veil. And of course, last but not least, the A-Gear gets a large 3-engine vessel called the Sledge Guarder.


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OnRPG: Was there any other significant changes made to Ace Online from the Episode 3.3 update?
There have been other Episode 3.3 update patches since we last spoken to each other. Some really substantial additions to the game like new Armor Upgrades, as well as another Infinity Field called the Hydrogen Driver where players need to protect a planet destroying cannon from waves of enemies!


OnRPG: Would you say that Episode 3.3 is simply a taste of things to come for Episode 4?
Episode 3.3 is what I would say provides excellent additions to the game. But Episode 4 should have some big surprises behind it.


OnRPG: Speaking of Episode 4: Any details on what and when to expect this? I’m sure your fan base is dying to know!
I’m sorry but it is much too early to say anything on this topic.


OnRPG: Any closing comments you’d like to make?
I would say to download the game at to be able to see the game and to take part in all the action! It’s really the only way to really grasp all the new content in the game.


OnRPG: Thank you for your time! We’ll be waiting to hear what’s in store for Ace Online in the future!
Thank you. 

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