Adventure Quest Worlds Review: Beat the Dragons!

By Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), Onrpg writer


Adventure Quest Worlds is an MMORPG created by Atrix Entertainment. The game is based on the original ‘Adventure Quest’ which already was a stunning browser MMORPG.
In Adventure Quest Worlds, you will start in a magical world where you have to battle monsters, finish many quests, unlock lots of features, battle against your friends and protect your citizens! Adventure Quest Worlds will bring your imagination alive!


When you load the game, you will have to register before being able to log on. The registration is easy and you can finish it in a minute or two. After signing up, you will be able to log on. There are 8 servers you can choose from. Some of them have chat limits and some of them are only accessable if you are a member.
If you are ingame, you will notice that the movement can be pretty choppy. You have to walk by clicking on the ground. This can be pretty annoying after a while, because your fingers will hurt.
The gameplay of Adventure Quest Worlds differs from Adventure Quest. The combat is not turnbased anymore and you stay in the same dimension when attacking a monster. You can attack and use magic by pressing the hotkeys. The only downside of this is that this function doesn’t always work if you alt+tab.
The other thing that you might notice after alt+tabbing is that you will lag, even on the fastest computer. This can only be fixed by reloading the game.
You will be able to choose between four classes; priest, mage, warrior and rogue.
The priest is the healing class of the game. They may be a bit hard to train in the beginning, but you will be fine at higher levels. The warriors are the best tanks in the game. They have a high amount of defense and health and they can handle many kinds of weapons. Rogues are the long range class of the game and they mainly specialize in archery. Mages are the least balanced class. The skills are not quite original and you will have some mana problems if you start out as a mage.
The game has two kinds of ranks. You will be able to level your regular level by gaining experience from killing monsters and finishing quests, but you can also level your job level. This can be increased by using your skills or finishing some quests.
The storyline of the game is pretty amusing. You are a warrior that has to help the citizens and the king! You will have to defeat hundreds of monsters through the storyline including dragons, skeletons and much more!
The regular and storyline quests can work on your nerves. Most of the quests tell you to kill an X amount of monsters which will be rewarded with a small amount of gold and experience. There are also many missions including riddles and treasure hunts which can only be solved if you use your brains.

Unique features

You will be able to enchant your gears to make them stronger by going to the enchantment store. You can also get pets to accompany you during fights and you can fight against your friends. The PvP (Player Versus Player) in Adventure Quest Worlds is pretty amusing and you will be amazed by the skill it actually requires to beat your opponent.
Adventure Quest Worlds also offers us some nice actions and funny moves such as dancing!
The customization in Adventure Quest Worlds is pretty decent. Despite the fact that you are limited when creating a character, you will be able to change a lot ingame. There is a barber in every town where you can cut your hair and your beard.
The equipments in Adventure Quest Worlds are very unique. There are a lot of different kinds of armors and weapons. Some of the gear has the ability to change its form or color!
Sadly, the game’s customization also has it’s downsides. Due to bugs, you will not be able to wear some of the equipment. It might also happen that your bought armor disappears.
The graphics of the game are pretty decent for a browser based MMORPG. The world is very colorful but more than just eyecandy! Your character will have a bright side and a dark side ingame. This might look a bit weird in the beginning, but you will get used to it.
The sound of the game is disappointing. There is practically no background music and the other sounds are amaturistic. Keep your iTunes ready when you are going to play this game!


There is a possibility to pay an amount of money to become a member. As a member you will get many extras. You will be able to unlock the chat, equip pets, use special armor, enter exclusive areas, access the member-only server and much more!
You will also get an amount of “adventure coins” when you subscribe. You can use these to buy rare items, special equipment and you will be able to increase your inventory with them soon! Adventure Quest World will be even more fun if you subscribe!


Adventure Quest Worlds is a great game which offers us to play with our friends without downloading anything. The game gives us the opportunity to do many different things such as exploring the world and having fun, but it needs to be updated and the bugs should be fixed. Another downside would be that you will not be able to be the best without subscribing. AQW has great features but it is missing a lot of valuable points which every MMO should have.

Personal opinion

Adventure Quest Worlds will be loved by you if you liked Adventure Quest. I would recommend you all to try it out, because it doesn’t take long to get ingame at all and it is noobfriendly, so definitely worth a try!
You will also be able to move your characters from Adventure Quest to Adventure Quest Worlds soon, so that means you will not have to start over again!
– No download
– Decent graphics
– Great customization
– Appealing features
– Nice PvP
– Autoloot
– Laggy gameplay
– Boring quests
– Bad sound
– Buggy

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