Adventure Quest

By Yolanda, Onrpg writer

(Begin cheesy song) Dragonfly in the sky. I can go twice as high. Don’t feel shame, its in a game…  Gaming Rainnnbooowwww…….(end cheesey song)

Dragon Quest is an RPG game made entirely from Flash. So as you can imagine…comparing this game to most other games is like comparing a coloring book to War and Peace, it just isn’t possible. So I’m going to review this game for what it is. And to do that I’ll have to enter a whole new state of mind. But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Yolanda: Hi boys and girls, I’m Yolanda. And I played a great game called Adventure Quest. The graphics are pretty good for a flash game, very detailed, even if they are two dimensional. I recommend it to you if you love simple hand drawn graphics.

(Dun dun dun)

Steve: Hello there people, I’m Steve, I’m here to tell you about sounds in this game. Well….quite frankly, there are no sounds. Its very very silent, although the developers plan on adding sound to the game soon. Thanks.

(Dun dun dun)

Rebecca: Howdie ya’ll, I’m Rebecca. The battles in Adventure Quest are turn based and darn-tootin fun. But sometimes you get a tricky battle that makes you put on yer thankin’ cap. Nice battlin’ system fer the most part. The game ain’t multiplayer yet, but them developers plan on adding a PvP system purdy soon.

(Dun dun dun)

And there you have it. The game actually is a nice time waster, but like I said before, don’t expect much. Really don’t expect to play it for more than a week. But considering it was made with Flash, it isn’t that bad. Give it a try, you might like it. But chances are you probably won’t.

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