Age of Mythology: The Titans

By Onrpg

This is a review for Age of Mythology’s expansion pack, the Titans. You will need the original game before playing this. Also, you will have to buy both of them at your store or whoever as games.

First, the story line rocks, this story is focused on the Atlantean. You start out rebuilding civilization on a snowy plain. Searching for a better land. Expanding your town is rather like Rise of Nations town expanding, except you have to find town settlements to build on. They come in handy. The architecture is really nice to on the buildings. You cant zoom in or out so. It would be useful for sure, but its not really needed.

The combat is nice to, certain units are weak to certain other units. Then you have your myth units, which are useful. And if im not mistaken, later on in the game you can get Titans. Also you have different god powers to cast on your opponent, or yourself. They are kinda like spells. They come in handy thats for sure. The music and sound are nice, the graphics are good to.

The expansion pack adds ALOT to the game. A whole new campaign, more god powers, new civilization to play. And other things. It was definitely worth 30 dollars. I give this a full 10

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