Aika Dev Blog: The Spirit of Aika

Aika Dev Blog: The Spirit of Aika

By GM Paragon, gPotato Representative



The Spirit of Aika is conflict carried out through PvP.  A good fight makes this world go ‘round, and in this dev diary we’ll be discussing three of Aika’s most challenging PvP events.



PvP is the core element to everything you do in Aika.  Aika is built around a large scale player vs player model, in which players form guilds, guilds form alliances, and alliances form nations that do battle against each other.  There are three PvP events that can change an entire nation’s political landscape: Castle Siege, the Relic War, and the Altar War.




Castle Siege pits comrades against each other over the right to power.  In each nation there is a bastion of power called the Lakian Fortress.  Each week, a new rebellion arises as guilds rally to take the castle from the ruling alliance and their Lord Marshal, who have been controlling the nation and its resources.  Once this castle is taken, the leader of the victorious alliance becomes the new Lord Marshal and inherits the ability to control the nation’s taxes, Relic upgrades, alliances with other nations, and more.  The players within the Lord Marshal’s guild receive special privileges as well, such as immunity from the penalty for killing those within their own country (great for players who like open world PvP).



Relic War takes the conflict to an international level as nations raid each other’s temples to seize control over powerful holy Relics.  These Relics confer amazing benefits (such as attack and experience boosts) upon any who reside inside the nation controlling them, generating constant struggles to obtain and keep these powerful objects.  Relics are invaluable weapons against any foe that may strike at your nation, and it is always advantageous to have numerous and better Relics.  It is imperative that all nations be constantly on guard against others trying to steal their Relics as well as ready to attack when the opportunity arises to rob another nation.




Each nation also has an Altar.  These Altars are vaults of great wealth and resources gathered and donated by their respective nation.  To attack these Altars takes great coordination, determination, courage and strategy, but a successful assault brings massive awards.  Raiding an Altar requires as much timing as it does strategy and strength.  They are protected by four Guardian Stones, three of which are scattered around the continent and one which is at the Altar itself.  These stones are protected by guards and the stones only spawn two hours each day.  Only once the three guardian stones outside the Altar are destroyed will the fourth appear in front of the Altar, surrounded by its own guards and turrets.  If the fourth stone crumbles, the Altar is left defenseless and can be robbed by anyone, regardless of nationality.



When an Altar is robbed, the goddess Aika’s wrath falls on the nation who failed in defending the Altar entrusted to their care.  Monster attacks will increase and items dropped by monsters will decrease for a short time.  The nation will also have lost a massive amount of gold, items, and pride.  This is often enough encouragement to make sure it never happens again.



Within Lakia, the way of life is a struggle for power and this conflict impacts everything.  The stakes are high and remain high and the victors reap extremely desirable spoils.  So, until next time, gear up, man your defenses or arm yourselves for the attack and may the mighty be victorious!

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