Alganon Interview: Revealing Facts!

Written by Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), Onrpg journalist
Answered by David Allen, CEO of Quest Online
Alganon is a new Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) with many roleplaying features. It is a PvE (player versus environment) based game which will be released in 2009. Alganon offers us a wide variety of features and unique races and classes.
We of Onrpg have been able to get in touch with Matthew Anderson, Community Manager of Alganon. We’ve asked him some questions about the game and this is the result; An interview full of revealing facts!
Onrpg: What was the reason to create Alganon?
In late 2004 I took a look at the industry and realized the number of viable alternatives to quality MMOGs was not enough to keep up with the demand. I was also in a position to build something new and to apply what I had learned to do it right. I approached my good friend Greg about the idea of building a MMOG, exposing him for the first time to the industry, and he was very interested. The rest fell together. I created the world of Alganon (at that time called Crusade) from scratch with one thing in mind: To provide a vibrant living, breathing world that was fun to adventure in and explore while enhancing basic gameplay elements and social interaction.
Onrpg: What differs Alganon from other MMOGs?
Alganon takes the fun factors of current MMOGs and enhances them with a few unique features not found in any other fantasy-based MMOG. The Library, Studies, and Families are three key features, and the MyAlganon support community hooks into all of our core systems.
Onrpg: Other than humans, there are a few other races available ingame. Could you tell us more about those?
The initial launch of Alganon will allow players to choose a Human (Asheroth) or Talrok (Kujix). Some people have commented on how this sounds limiting, but with the scope of the game and planned expansions, it’s more the ‘first step’ where people can get their foot in the door. The other races, domains, and expansion release schedules are already planned out. While other players may want to be a Kodian, there’s no reason for them not to get started now with a Human character to build up their resources and finances. Alganon is the only MMORPG I know of that has such a wide definition of expansion content already planned out at launch. Players can look forward to the world coming even more alive over the next few years as they explore Alganon.
Onrpg: Alganon also offers us some unique classes such as Prophets and Wardens. Could you tell us more about them?
Alganon will have a total of 7 classes, but the initial release will feature 4; the Soldier, Ranger, Healer, and Magus. We decided to go with these four at launch so we could focus on making them as solid as possible.
Onrpg: Will all classes be available for every race?
No, for example a Sylvain cannot be a Soldier, nor can a Dronar be a Magus. Humans and Talrok are the only two races that can be any class, so at launch class restriction won’t be an issue, but as the new races are added, class restrictions will become apparent.
Onrpg: Deities and Crusades are unique features of Alganon. Could you describe them for us?
Deities play huge part in Alganon through history and lore. Those who are friends or enemies of the Deities that control a domain will have modifiers (positive and negative) while in those domains. There are a total of six deities, three on each side. For the Asheroth, there are: Argon, Zanyana, and Triasha. For the Kujix, there are: Vakgarr, Xukiss, and Ghazmok. While all Characters are inherently neutral to the deities, they have the choice of becoming a patron to and representing a deity. That’s when things get interesting since they will have to start paying attention to where they are and what deity is in control.
Onrpg: What are the other unique features of Alganon?
We have some enhanced systems, such as the quest tracker. A player will always know where they need to go for a quest. We also have the consignment house, which is similar to the auction house, but a place where players can submit item requests. This gives those who engage in tradeskills a bit of incentive to build for an existing market. There are a few other cool features as well, but I don’t want to give everything away!
Onrpg: Could you tell us more about the PvP option of the game?
Once PvP is introduced in Alganon, it will be opt-in based, meaning we won’t have PvP specific servers. At its core, it’s a PvE Game, but we have designed the action infrastructure to allow for PvP specific attributes that don’t affect PvE. For example, as a soldier, we have the PvE version of Central Strike, but we also have the PvP version. This allows us to balance the game for the type of gaming, preventing the mess that so many games encounter when trying to balance the game for PvE and PvP (which is extremely difficult).
Onrpg: Will there be ways to fight real players other than PvP?
Players can fight for control of domains, so yes, they can compete on a larger scale than 1 on 1.
Onrpg: I’ve read on your website that you are planning to make the game P2P. What is your main reason for this and what price can we expect?
Alganon is a Monthly Subscription-based, commercial grade MMORPG. We’ve chosen a pricing model that supports what we have built and will continue to grow.
Onrpg: What kind of players do you target?
Anyone who likes a good MMORPG will find a place in Alganon!
Onrpg: What kind of updates can we expect in 2009?
Alganon will be launched in 2009. The exact date hasn’t been released yet, but it’s definitely creeping up on us!
Onrpg: Are you going to release any other games in 2009?
Alganon is currently our only project. We probably won’t consider another project until we are completely satisfied with the direction Alganon is headed, ensuring it continues to have support as needed.
Onrpg: Thank you for your time!
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