Allods Dev Diary: Currency Exchange

Allods Dev Diary: Currency Exchange

By PioPico, gPotato Representative




One of the most beneficial features with Allods Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned, on February 14th has been the Currency Exchange system. This feature allows players to convert their in-game gold currency into Gem Shards (currency used to purchase items from the Item Shop). Likewise, players also have the option to convert Gem Shards into in-game gold. This is a revolutionary system that you won’t find in most Free-to-Play MMORPGs!



How does the Currency Exchange system positively impact Allods Online and the community?

Item Not on the Auction House? Not a Problem!

Before the Currency Exchange system was implemented, players relied on the Auction House to purchase Item Shop items with in-game gold. There is the possible situation that the item you seek may not be available on the Auction House. Fortunately, players now have the freedom to purchase whatever they want from the Item Shop by converting gold to Gem Shards.



Overpriced Items on the Auction House Have Met Their Match!

The Currency Exchange system plays an important role that helps solve a problem most MMORPGs with an auction house face – it stops players from selling certain items at unbelievable high prices. It’s natural behavior for players to sell items at higher prices than their actual worth if they notice their item is the only one of its kind available on the auction house. The Currency Exchange system helps out the buyers who may not have as many resources as the sellers.



Fortunately, the rate of conversion auto balances itself through Gem Shards that are bought and sold to the Currency Exchange NPC. It helps that there is a reserve of completely free Gem Shards provided by the game, regardless whether or not players sell Gem Shards to the Currency Exchange NPC.



Gold Options Galore!

While the main function of the Currency Exchange system is to allow players to buy Item Shop items with in-game gold, gold can also be given out by the Money Changer NPC in exchange for Gem Shards. Options and convenience is what makes the Currency Exchange shine!



There have been multiple significant changes to increase the ease of access for players to obtain Item Shop items. It started with offering some Item Shop items as rewards for completing daily quests and we eventually implemented tradable Item Shop currency (Gem Shards). It brings us to the current state of the game with the Currency Exchange system. Allods Online has come a long way with improving the gameplay experience for the entire community especially for those who are looking for a truly free-to-play experience.

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