Allods Dev Diary: Game of Gods Approaches

Allods Dev Diary: Game of Gods Approaches

By PioPico, gPotato Representative




The next update for Allods Online: Game of Gods is fast approaching on May 30! There are a vast number of features to make the community’s experience that much more convenient – and intense. We will review how the changes impact the game and we’ll also give you an exclusive preview of what else is coming!



Quest Improvements

Allods Online continues to improve questing convenience so players spend less time trying to figure out what to do and more time enjoying content and progression. Patch 3.0.2 makes this even better with two key features – Quest Finder and Automove.



It’s no secret that zones spread throughout the game are massive. Players are encouraged to explore all zones to acquire quests from NPCs or scattered objects. However, it’s understandable if players miss a section of a zone that might contain an important quest. Sometimes an important quest gets skipped or lost somewhere along the quest chain. With the Quest Finder, players will automatically be given an important quest appropriate to their level without even having to find the NPC that gives the quest. This handy feature will be used by everyone, especially perfectionists who must complete everything!




Players will experience more enjoyable travels throughout Sarnaut with Automove. Once you have a quest, you can have your character automatically travel to the location the quest requirements need to be fulfilled with the click of a button – it’s that easy! However, it will still be possible for enemies to attack your character if you happen to cross paths with them while traveling in Automove. While your character travels to different locations, you’ll be able to focus on other tasks such as accessing your inventory, skill tree, or even chatting with your guild members!


New Skirmish – Deserted Farm

Another scripted PvP event will enter the playing field to give players more PvP options. The last major patch implemented the first skirmish that where the objective was to capture checkpoints. The raid that captures checkpoints the longest are the victors! In the Deserted Farm, players will still need to capture a checkpoint although there will be two cannons located on each end of the zone. Players who claim these cannons will have an upper hand in determining the victors of the match since players caught in the downfall of flaming meteors will receive massive AoE damage. Unlike the first skirmish, Deserted Farm will feature 6v6 instead of 12v12 combat between players. Besides having more personal fights with fewer individuals involved, 6v6 matches will naturally allow faster matches to occur since fewer people need to queue for the skirmish.


New Kingdom of Elements Boss – Gen’ul, Lord of the Volcano

Gen’ul, Lord of the Volcano breathes conflict and danger to any raids brave enough to challenge him. What makes this encounter unique is that it takes place in an open PvP zone where all players can fight against each other, regardless of faction. The real threat when facing Gen’ul comes from other enemy players. It’ll be in one’s best interest to form a trusting raid and battle off other enemy raids while not forgetting the boss. Once the boss is defeated, it will drop a chest that will force the different raids to engage in a savage brawl for Level 51 mythical gear and items to help guilds level up faster. It will be interesting to see how guilds interact, considering everyone is after the same grand prize.


Mentor System

This exciting new feature will allow both new and experienced players to benefit by helping each other. Players must first agree to participate in this feature and the game will automatically assign another player of the same faction and class. Depending on one’s level, you’ll be a Mentor or Apprentice.



How does the Apprentice benefit from the Mentor System?

The Apprentice will be helped by the mentor through messages of how to become better at their class as well as provide basic information to help them progress through the game. There will be a special interface for messages to be left by the mentor for the apprentice to read.



How does the Mentor benefit from the Mentor System?

In exchange for their information and assistance, the Mentor will receive bonus amounts of gold, Special Holiday Coins, and Marks of Diligence based on the amounts that their Apprentices loot of those items. The interesting spin on the rewards is that the more the Apprentice advances, the more bonus items will be awarded to the Mentor. Therefore, it’ll be in the Mentor’s best interest to be as helpful as possible to their Apprentice. In addition, the Apprentice can leave their Mentor at any time if they are not receiving sufficient help so Mentors will want to be actively helping their apprentice if they wish to receive more rewards.


Even though the Mentor system revolves around physical rewards to make Mentors help Apprentices, it’s a nice social feature that will help the community be more helpful as a whole, and will surely spark new friendships between new and veteran players.


What Else Can We Expect From Patch 3.0.2?

We’ve covered various features ranging from updated UI changes to questing, PvP, to improved social aspects. We would like to briefly share with you some more features to come in the next patch!



Alchemy Reworked!

Alchemy is being reworked to include new recipes and a new interface! Alchemy will also be combined with the herbalism profession to make potion creations easier.



Looter Companion Pets!

These pets can be obtained through the Item Shop and will allow players to loot items dropped from monsters without needing to click on them. Just activate your looter pet, kill any monster, and your pet will fly toward the monster’s loot and automatically place it in your bag!



Tep’s Curse Removed!

With Tep’s Curse removed, players’ gear will no longer be cursed upon death. This means you’ll never have to worry about equipping Holy Charms again!



New Mounts and Hair Styles!

For those who like to express themselves with a unique look, we have got you covered! Expect to see wicked-looking mounts especially rare ones that can only be obtained through in-game challenges. Besides mounts, the Hall of Changes will prepare you with all your red carpet appearances with a new assortment of fashionable hair styles.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our in-depth coverage of Patch 3.0.2’s main features and stay tuned for more exciting content coming with the new patch on May 30th!

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