Allods Dev Diary: Next Major Update Approaches as New Server Opens

Allods Dev Diary: Next Major Update Approaches as New Server Opens

By StirFry Robot, gPotato Representative



Over the past few months you have seen new additions to Allods Online such as new zones, new Allods to explore, a new Raid – Dead City, the Bard class was introduced, looter pets, and more. The game and the community continue to grow and will continue to do so. There is a lot to look forward to. And continuing that trend, we would like to officially announce that the next major update (3.0.4) will be coming soon!



Here is a preview of some new features to come as well as details about the opening of the new Allods Online server – Avilon!


• Mentor Changes •

Apprentices are now shared between a Progenitor and it’s Incarnations, meaning that a Mentor can only have a maximum of 10 Apprentices per character slot. If a player has accumulated more than 10 Apprentices between their Progenitor and Incarnations already, those Apprentices will remain, however the Mentor will be unable to receive new Apprentices until they are below the 10 Apprentice limit.



Additionally, if the ability to dismiss an Apprentice is used on a Progenitor or Incarnation, the cooldown is shared among the Progenitor and other Incarnations. Apprentices will not see Incarnations that are incognito.



A new button, next to the chat window, has been added so with just one click of your mouse you’ll be able to chat with your Mentor or Apprentices.

To encourage Mentors to invite their apprentices to their guild, information about receiving twice as many Marks of Diligence for an Apprentice being in the same guild as the Mentor is now displayed on the Mentor’s interface menu.



One of the most exciting changes to the Mentor System is the addition of a new quest line that will give rewards to both the Apprentice and the Mentor.


A NPC has been added in both capital cities, Sarang Hurum for the Empire and Methodius Cognoscentius for the League. An apprentice can visit this NPC once they are the appropriate level to receive a special quest. Once you use the wand that it gives you and defeat the Spirit of Wisdom you will be given an Apprentice’s Gift. Find your mentor and open the gift with them so you can both receive the rewards.



You’ll be able to complete this quest every 5 levels starting at level 10. And the rewards for both the Apprentice and the Mentor get better each time you complete it.



• Questing Changes •

There have been some improvements to the Quest Log’s features to make it easier to use. Now the Quest Tracker works more like the Quest Map and you can simply double click on a quest to toggle its status as the Active quest. The Find Quest feature has also been improved and should now provide a more accurate assessment of the next quest you should complete in addition to being better at locating any quests you may have missed.



Improvements were also made to the new Automove feature. Automove will no longer be an available option if there is no destination, and will appear directly to the right of a quest when hovering over it on the Quest Tracker, saving the trouble of right-clicking to open the drop-down menu.



One of the most helpful changes to Automove is its new ability to navigate through zones. While not active for all quests yet, Automove will navigate to and through an unlocked Teleportation Portal and continue to the quest’s required zone.



To help make the leveling process smoother and some zones more accessible, players will now go directly from the “A Well-Deserved Reward” and “A Cultist’s Reward” quests to “The Shadowy Tower” quest, simplifying access to Gorluxor’s Tower.



Other notable quest changes include the the removal of the very long and involved Banking and Astral Extract quests, as well as the old armor quests given by the Goblin Banker. Players that still have tokens they would like to redeem at the Goblin Banker may open a ticket to receive assistance.



• New Server •

Allods Online will be opening a second server here in the North American region!



A few of you might ask “Why are you opening a new server after merging servers a short while ago?” We have a few reasons for this and some of them are:


• Following the merge, the new server, Yul, has seen it’s population continue to grow.

• New players are having to compete with a much larger end-game playerbase that has had a sizable head start on them

• Opening a second server will allow new players to experience Allods with a fresh economy and playerbase that does not outgun them due to levels or gear.



We will not be offering any character transfers to the new server so that the new server can grow with that fresh economy and a playerbase that will all start at level 1.



Over the past week we have run a poll both on the Allods forum and on our Facebook page. This poll was to see what all of you would choose as a server name.



With over 39% of the vote, the overwhelming majority voted and the new server will be named Avilon!

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