Allods: Lords of Destiny Teased

Allods: Lords of Destiny Teased



Allods Online is just 5 days into the preview of upcoming expansion, Lords of Destiny. And while we aren’t ready to talk about the expansion details just yet there has been a lot of information already released by gPotato which we can share.



The big news that was just announced yesterday is that a sale would be starting February 15th and run until the 21st. During that time you can get 20% off of the following:

Concentrated Catalyst
Strong Catalyst
Token of the Explorer
Astral Replicator


A tropical paradise, home to the Tequanis, Aviaks, and a variety of creatures both friend and foe. It is called the Pearl Ring and is shaken by a war between two factions of Aviaks. And of course, you’ll be thrown in the middle of it all. The actual Pearl Ring itself is a massive round reef that surrounds an archipelago of small islands an a bigger island at it’s center. Or if you’re more a fan of remote, ancient races you might be interested in the Tequanis who are distant relatives of Gibberlings and inhabit the jungle in Irdrich. Though they may be cute and fluffy they may have a dark secret that no one will see coming.



New spells are incoming! Characters who reach level 52 will be able to learn two powerful new skills. Below is a list of all the skills coming in Lords of Destiny.




Blade Storm: Teleport to a random enemy within 15 yards every .5 second and inflict damage. When ability is used you are immune to negative spells and control effects.

Onslaught: Increases movement and attack speed, decreases cast time and energy consumption for all offensive abilities that depend on weapon speed. Lasts 20 seconds.




Elemental Surge: Enchants the space between caster and target for 8 seconds. After cast is finished or interrupted spell deals damage for every second of cast time on target and all enemies within 10 yards. If cast time is more than 4 seconds target will be knocked down for 2 seconds.

Magic Tactics: Applies effect that prevents interruption of spell casting when receiving damage, moving, or jumping.



Immunodificiency: Dispels effects of poisons and diseases from the target causing Putrefy and Decomposition effects to instantly deal remaining damage. Neurotoxic effect deals damage and stuns the target.

Dark Vigor: Grants your minion a new ability. Allows Guard to stun the enemy every second Hateful Blow. Helps Lurker restore HP of group members every 4 seconds. Allows Cadaver and Fiend apply Obscure Essence effect on target to increase acid damage during next three attacks.




Astral Breath: Inflicts Astral damage to all enemies with 25 yards every 2 seconds and decreases movement speed by 50%. Lasts 8 seconds and consumes 1 stack of Concentration effects after use.

Thoughtful Spirit: Ìnflicts Astral damage to a target. Consumes 1 stack of Thoughful Spirit effect. Every 20 seconds an additional stack is generated, up to 5 stacks.




Pious Anger: Increases damage and allows melee abilities to be used at range. Lasts 12 seconds.

Autodafe: Inflicts Fire damage over time and prevents from using abilities.




Chain Lightening: Inflicts damage to target and all enemies within 10 yard radius. Affects next target the same way up to 5 targets.

Rip Up!: Commands pet to attack the target. Pet inflicts damage every .5 second and stuns the enemy for .5 second.




Encore: Instantly restores all class abilities except Encore and Shadow Duet.

Shadow Duet: Summons a shadowy copy of yourself at target location. Copy will perform all songs played during it’s summoning. Copy cannot be targeted or attacked.



Providence: Applies stack ofProvidenceto the target. Upon receiving damage one stack will be consumed and friendly target will have health restored. Hostile target will have Holy damage inflicted.

Faith Boundries: Applies effect to absorb damage to friendly target. Lasts 30 seconds. On expiration all nearby enemies will be knocked down for 2 seconds.




Heroic Might: Generates 3 stacks of Heroic Might for 20 seconds. Each time Forceful Kick, Punch, Hack, Devastating Blow, and Flawless Strike are used 1 stack is consumed giving the abilities additional damage. Forceful Kick and Punch knock target back, Hack stuns, Devastating Blow and Flawless Strike inflict Deep Wounds giving additional damage for 3 seonds.

Reasoned Aggression: Generates 10 combat advantage points every second. While effect is active you are considered in combat.



Many of these attacks require Dragon Tears to be used. They can be obtained through purchase from the Servants of Light, performing daily tasks, and several other ways.



In addition as the level cap is increased to 55 an additional 4 rubies will mean you will be able to unlock even more training.



If this hasn’t been enough you might be in for a chance to take a look at it yourself with the Lords of Destiny Preview. It started Monday February 11th and will continue until Monday February 25th. Only players who have been invited will be able to play. That is until February 21st when the preview will be opened up to all players. In the preview are all sorts of events from a great battle to a Youtube diary, screenshot competition, and even a reward for doing a review.



This is all just only the beginning. We’ve yet to find out about the 8 new allods and six man dungeon. Plus much more that is yet to come. The expansion is expected in March so keep your eyes peeled for more information as the date approaches. We sure will be.

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