Allods Online’s Take on “Player Housing”

Allods Online’s Take on “Player Housing”

By PioPico, gPotato Representative



Today we are going to delve into a common feature you may come across in MMORPGs known as player housing, but within Allods Online. Player housing contains similar functions but common elements tend to focus around giving the user a personalized space to hang out and acquire territory within the large virtual world where our characters exist.



The concept of player housing has evolved in Allods over time as we continue to receive constant content updates from the developers. Last September we introduced Astral Ship customization. Anyone who is familiar with Allods will know Astral ship combat and exploration is a unique feature that distinguishes the game from other MMORPGs.



With Astral ship customization, players were given the option to customize practically every corner of their ship including objects such as rugs, lights, counters, ceiling fixtures and more! This made trips to the Astral with your party more entertaining by riding in comfort and style that fit your personal desires.



The Game of Gods expansion last February introduced a feature for dedicated players to start their journey to achieve the Title of the Great, an advanced title to recognize one’s time and efforts from completing a series of challenges. Acquiring the Title of the Great initially offered various rewards such as increased skill points and a dual spec build.



The rewards have increased with every main patch update since February. This is where player housing saw a new light beyond Astral ship customization where players could begin construction of their own private allod! It’s a long construction phase and with Patch 3.0.4 coming August 8th, players are able to complete their allod’s construction with three terrain options to help personalize their home to one’s elemental taste – desert, jungle, and snow.



Players are able to teleport to their private allod to take a breather away from the PvP battles, raids, and busy capital cities. It’s a great opportunity to relax and hang out on one’s allod where there are also daily quests to award you with precious gold!



Having player housing in the form of a housing unit is cool, but owning your own allod is even more radical! With all that we have shown you so far, content is still being developed to make this feature a truly unique experience that will create more incentives to owning a private allod. Like you, we are excited to see how owning a private allod continues to evolve with future content updates!

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