AlphaBeta Soup 7/12

Did everyone have an awesome Fourth of July? We did! And that’s why there was no Soup last week! We were busy with the BBQ. Since our last bowl of AlphaBeta Soup there has been a lot of excitement. Dota 2 officially launched, End of Nations came out as a MOBA and started registration for beta, Firefall went into Open Beta, and so did World of Warplanes! The paid Alpha for Cubeworld started, and Pockie Saints entered closed beta. Today Eternal Saga starts their Alpha phase, and Age of Wulin will be going to Open Beta next week. We’ve also got some closed beta keys for FishAO, if a fishing MMO is your thing. You can check all that out and much more below!
We’ve highlighted the newest in orange to make them easier to see.


OnRPG Giveaways
These are all the beta giveaways currently running on OnRPG. There’s no guarantee that we won’t run out so grab them quick.

City of Steam Second Server Launch Pack Giveaway
Everlight Open Beta Privilege Pack Giveaway
FishAO Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Dates Announced:
Below are the MMOs who have announced upcoming beta events that haven’t started yet or are currently in progress for a limited time.

Eternal Saga Alpha July 12
Age of Wulin Open Beta July 18
Lego Legends of Chima Online Open Beta July 2013

These games are currently in Alpha. Signups are available via the link.

Gloria Victis Pre-Alpha
Lunaria Story
Onigiri Alpha (Japanese) Between Phases
The Repopulation

Closed Beta:
MMOs which are in closed beta require application and often require approval before access can be gained.

Age of Wulin(EU, Asia)
Arcane Saga (Formerly known as Prius Online)
Ascension: Arenas of War Current Status Unknown
Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict Current Status Unknown, Website No Longer Exsists
Born To Fire
Bounty Hounds Online Beta Testing Complete. No Launch Date Announced
ConquerX2 (EU)
Dice Venture
Dragon’s Prophet
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Infinite Crisis
MechWarrior Tactics
March of War
Prime World
Transformers Universe Now accepting applications.
World of Warplanes

Open Beta:
Games in open beta require an application but often it is little more than signing up for an account.

Anno Online
City of Steam
DK Online Servers Closed Temporarily
Dragona Online Russian
Dragon Pals
Dragon’s Prophet
and Titans
Ecol Tactics
End of Nations Beta Registration Going on Now! Changed to a MOBA
FoxLi Rush
Gunswords(English and Russian)
Heroes & Generals
Legend of Edda Vengeance
Neptune’s Pride 2
Origins of Malu
Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions
Path of Exile
Pockie Saints
Raceroom Racing
Real World Racing
Samurai Taisen
Scarlet Blade
SmashMuck Champions
Soldier Front 2
Tales of Laputa
Tata Blitz
The Aurora World
The Lost Titans
UFO Online
Universal Monsters Online
Warface South Korea
War Thunder
World of Warplanes

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