Altis Gates Interview: What to Expect

Altis Gates Interview: What to Expect
Questions by Vincent Haoson, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by  Edwin Huang, Project Manager


Game Background

OnRPG: What is the game’s story?
The story of Altis begins with the Golden Age of the Gods and continues through to the Silver Age dominated by the Gaea Giants. Then the Humans and Elves were born and civilization was established with the construction of the magnificent Altis City during the Copper Age. The differences in cultures and ideologies between the two races brought about conflicts that escalated into a full-scale war that lasted for centuries. Amidst the chaos, the Borgs were created. Just when the 3 races finally came to see the foolishness of their actions and agreed to make peace with each other, the Shadowy Dragon that once ruled the sky of Altis woke from its slumber. The king of Altis commanded all warriors of the land to go on a crusade for peace and liberate the world from the evil grasp of this legendary dragon.


This is where our players come in. They will be part of this quest for peace. They will inspire legends and make heroes of themselves by slaying this formidable dragon.


OnRPG: What will be the role of players in the games overall story?
There are 3 races: Humans, Elves and Borgs. Players can also choose from 14 different classes in the game based on their preferences. However, once they enter the world of Altis, their objectives will be the same. All champions of the land will have to take on the responsibility of defeating the Shadowy Dragon. That will not be an easy task. Players of the different races and classes must work together to even stand a chance.


Sky Glider

Sky Glider Launching Pad


Game Background and Environments

OnRPG: Can you describe to us what Altis Gates looks like?
Altis Gates features a crisp and colorful design with dynamic and mesmerizing animations. Players can see the movement of water in streams and the turning of windmills, as well as many other details they will notice as they explore the land of Altis. In addition, the game uses the latest graphics and lighting technologies to add brilliance and realism to the game world.


OnRPG: How interactive will the games interface be?
As an MMORPG, interaction among players is very important. On the lower left corner of the screen, players can find the chat window where they can communicate with other players. There are different channels for the different types of messages. In addition, the mail system is Altis Gates is different from traditional designs. Besides normal mail messages, players can also send items and gold to their friends.


OnRPG: Does the game environment take inspiration from any other games or genres, or is everything an original concept?
The game itself is a completely original concept. However, we did have a special interest in ancient myths and legends. We use some of these ancient wonders as inspiration when we design locations and structures in the game. What we wanted to achieve was to give players the chance to relive the glory of these wonders they have probably read about but would never get a chance to see.


OnRPG: If it does take after other games or genre, can you tell us which ones? Why get inspiration from them?
The sunken civilisation of Alantis is one filled with legends. Ancient records laud the marvels of technologies and prosperity of this island. We felt that this is very similar to that of Altis. So we took Atlantis as a reference point and tried to retain the mysteries surrounding this lost world while creating a new world that will mesmerize our players.


Game System

OnRPG: How do players travel in Altis Gates? Is the game an isometric perspective? Why choose this camera system?
There are many modes of transportation in Altis Gates. Players can choose to take the Sky Glider, travel on the elevator, teleport by using the Flying Feather or move around on their special mounts. For long distance travel between 2 maps, players can spend a little cash and enjoy the comfort of the Sky Glider. When they find themselves stranded in the middle of a map and needing to restock their items back in the city, they can use the Flying Feather item that can be bought from game merchants and teleport there instantly. Of course, we would strongly encourage our players to take their time and enjoy the stunning surroundings the game has to offer. If walking on foot is a little tedious, players can increase their movement speeds by using cool in-game mounts.


As for the camera system, the game adopts an isometric perspective with a big technological twist. Using advanced graphics technologies, we break from the traditional 2D design to create a 3D virtual world. There is also a zoom in/out function in the game that enables players to zoom in to maps to enjoy a different viewpoint.


Combat Battle Interface Altis Gates

Battle Interface


OnRPG: Are the battles in Altis Gates turn-based or are they done in real-time? Why use this kind of system?
Altis Gates uses an enhanced turn-based combat system. Players have 30 seconds to select the actions for each turn. From the feedback we received during the alpha test and closed beta, players have responded very well to this system.


The reason we adopted a turn-based system is so combat will be more than mere hack and slash; there will be more strategy and planning involved. This adds more dimensions to gameplay in both solo and team battles.


OnRPG: Can you share how PVE work in Altis Gates?
Danger lurks in every corner of Altis. Players will enter random encounters when they explore the riches of the land. EXP and attractive items can be obtained when players successfully defeat these monsters. Sometimes players may be faced with a foe too formidable for their current level. In that case, they can choose to run for their lives by using the escape function. However, not all cowardly attempts to flee will be successful. Also, when players die in battle, their equipment will suffer a reduction in durability. They will have to visit in-game NPCs to repair their items before they break.


OnRPG: The gameplay videos show characters in groups. Are they all yours to control or are they controlled by other players aside from yourself?
When players party together in Altis Gates, they will still retain control of their respective characters. Each team can have a maximum of 5 players.


OnRPG: Does the game utilize a “mercenary-like” system where players can hire NPCs as part of their group?
At the moment, Altis Gates does not have this feature in the game. However, the NPC to player interaction of the game is very unique. Each friendly NPC has a certain amity level with each player. This is reflected by a smiley above the NPC’s head. Players can improve their amity with NPCs by helping them run errands. By making NPCs happy, players will unlock special skills they can learn from them.


OnRPG: Would the battle system be similar to Atlantica Online where every player has a party composed of 1-6 people at their disposal?If not, how do parties work in Altis Gates?
Our system is different from Atlantica Online. In normal battles, players can only take one of their pets along to fight with them. However, there are the special Pets Corps quests that enable players to train a few pets at the same time. In these quests, only players’ pets are involved in battles. This is the perfect way for players to train multiple pets at the same time.


As for parties, each can consist of a maximum of 5 players. To encourage players to enjoy the fun of teaming up with each other, we introduced an added incentive of 30% additional EXP for party leaders. We also ensure that forming a party itself will not feel like a chore by increasing the range in which players can recruit members. They can invite any player into their group as long as that player is in the same map.


Portal Elevator

The Elevators Into New Zones


OnRPG: Does the game system allow PvP? If yes, can you explain briefly how the PVP system works? Will it be available during the beta?
Like most MMORPGs, PvP is an integral part of the game. Players can take part in duels to test their skills and equipment. Our system records the results of every PvP battle. Players who have attained a certain number of duel victories will receive a special title.


We will be introducing a brand new team dueling system in the upcoming OB, which will add even more gameplay options to the current dueling system.


Job Classes & Pets

OnRPG: Is Altis Gates a skill-based or stat-based kind of game?
In Altis Gares, both skills and stats are very important. As players level up, they will gain access to new and more powerful skills. At the same time, for each increment in level, a player will get 4 attribute points they can distribute to their stats as they wish. Each pet will receive 1 free attribute point with each level. Players will have to think strategically as they carefully build their characters into the legendary heroes they envision.


OnRPG: The gameplay trailer shows about seven job classes that are available in Altis Gates. Can you explain briefly how each job class works?
Actually, there are a total of 14 different classes in Altis Gates. The classes shown in the game trailer are 8 level 80 classes. Each class has its own unique role and abilities. For example, a Priest is like a medic in the field and can provide healing power to a party. Borgs can deal sustained damage to targets. There is just too much to talk about to cover each class here. Players can head over to our official website to find all the information they need on what each class has to offer.


OnRPG: What kind of  advancement system does Altis Gates use?
They are 2 major categories in Altis Gates: Warrior and Mage. The rest of the classes branch out from these 2 main groups. There are 2 stages of job advancement. The first is at level 40, when Warriors can choose the path of Gladiator or Combatant and Mages can choose between Black Mage and White Mage. When players advance to level 80, they will have a chance to choose an even more specialized class.


OnRPG: Can you briefly explain the Altis Gates pet system?
We feel the pet system is a specialty of the game. Each pet has its own personality and attributes. There are a total of 60 different pet designs, 42 different personalities and 9 different attributes. In our revolutionary system, players can interact with their pets and trigger different random events by talking to them. When the amity level of a pet reaches 2 Big Hearts, the pet can begin to learn skills from the player, monsters, or even bosses in combat. Altis Gates has made pets a lot more than just mere accessories.


OnRPG: Are the pets controlled by the player or do they have their own AI?
Although players still have control over their pets in battle, their actions are affected by their personalities. For example, a timid pet may grow afraid of monsters and run away even though the player did not ask it to do so. This is just one example of the unique reactions of pets in the game. There are many more that players can discover for themselves.


Magma Beast

Magma Chamber


Game Updates

OnRPG: Is the Open Beta Test open to new players? If it’s open to new players, how can players take part in the OB?
The OB was initially scheduled to begin on March 7th. However, with so much content being overhauled for the test, we were forced to push back the start date. We want to make sure that we have an amazing game ready for players when the OB starts, and we expect to deliver on that, even if it means making players wait just a bit longer.


OnRPG: What can players expect when OB arrives?
There is a lot of new and exciting content that will be released in OB. For example, during the other test phases all 3 races looked the same. The true appearances of the Elves and Borgs will finally debut in OB. In addition to that, we will also be releasing unique mounts and wings for each race. We’ve already mentioned the new party dueling system for players who like to challenge themselves against others. Furthermore, there is a truckload of new quests for players to enjoy. With so much new content, OB is set to be an exhilarating experience for everyone.


OnRPG: Thank you for your time!
Thank you for giving us a chance to present players with this sneak peek into the game. We appreciate the support has given us over the years and hope to have even more exciting news for your readers in the coming days.

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