Ambardia Review: MMORPG Minus an M

By Alex Beck (Endrien), Onrpg Writer

Ambardia is a free to play mmorpg made with a free engine for developing online games. Compared to others from this engine it is a godsend. There’s quite a few classes to choose from such as Mage, Pirate, orc, Ninja, Knight, Archer. Just to name a few. There are many things to do in Ambardia that are very fun and seem to bring me back old memories of that game everyone’s played; RuneScape. You can do everything from cutting wood to smelting and level up these skills in doing so.

Grab your wizards hat and wand!

As you progress through Ambardia you receive various “Magic” abilities that you can generally learn by using an acquired skill book and then learning the spell in your spell list. Like most games nowadays Ambardia is no different and uses your basic stat points with a few minor changes. These stats include magic, speed, strength and defense. Besides the basic features like combat, mining etc Ambardia brings some new things to the plate like chess. Yep that’s right you can actually have a game of chess while playing an MMO! Some other notes are that Ambardia has very friendly and active Game Masters that are always willing to help. Though I might mention that this game, while having a good community is also very lacking in the population department (but we will get more in detail with that later).

How do I look?

The graphics in Ambardia are well done in a mix of isometric and standard 2D graphics which look nice but are not for everyone. I do have some complaints for Ambardia that start with the graphics. While they do look very nice and well done, the animations such as attacking and running are quite choppy (regardless of race or class). There’s also not much direction as to where you are supposed to go after you leave the starting area (which has a fairly good tutorial I might add). Back to the graphics again, some minor thing’s that could very easily be animated, such as moving water, don’t have such detail.

When playing, especially when first starting I found that navigation was quite difficult and troublesome as it was hard getting around to the right places or even knowing the right places to go. And again to graphics there is no “paper doll” which simply put, means when you equip an item such as a sword it does not change the way your character looks, only the way your character attacks or the amount of damage that can be done. This can be very disappointing and bland especially when you get that special equipment that you worked so hard for only to notice a damage difference which is nice but no change of look. This also means that there’s not much to set you apart from everyone else of the same race or class although it does partly stop those “pro” players from boasting there equipment as much, haha.

Castle Gate

Stop mining…I’m tired of walking

One of the cool things you can do in Ambardia is mining. Though when mining you do have to return to some sort of magical crystal to be able to mine more which I at first found it to be quite odd but after closer research and investigation it proved to be something totally different that offers a sneaky hidden form of hacking protection towards “botting” (for those that don’t know, botting is using an automated computer program that basically controls your character without the need for a player to actually do anything, for example going outside and setting the “bot” to mine or attack monsters for you).

So while this is a good feature it can certainly end up driving you crazy, but just pretend your going back to town to sharpen your pick axe after some hard work and it could just feel a bit more realistic!

MMORPG Minus an M

While Ambardia is an online role playing game, It technically doesn’t meet the “Massively” multi player aspect of an MMORPG. Fortunately it’s not lacking in content so it certainly could receive the name Massive for that! Speaking of the content, there was just recently released a new expansion that was in the works for quite some time now and the developers are quite pleased to present. This new expansion titled “The Magic Garden” contains 250 exciting and mysterious new maps for you to battle your way through as well as just journey with your friends.

This magic garden area is PVP free meaning you will not get ganked by some high level 🙂 (but they’ll get you someday, don’t worry). Instead of your typical overpowered and dependant cash shop, Ambardia has a fairly well done donation reward system (that I would classify as a cash shop) in which you will receive a reward of your choice limited to the amount of money you that you decide to donate. These donation rewards can range anywhere from a cool new change of look for your character or a customized dungeon handcrafted just for your guild!

Mining Cart

So, Is it worth it?

To sum it up Ambardia is an overall decent Online role playing game with nice 2D graphics, though while not really my style could easily please the eyes of many other people. Its a nice way to meet some new friends and have lots of fun doing so. I would really recommend this game to anyone who has an older computer/laptop or even someone with a new computer who would like to take a break from all those newfangled 3D games and bring back memories of those late night 2D rpgs. Overall Ambardias pro’s outweigh the cons and it gets a solid 7/10.

– Nice 2d graphics
– A lot to do
– Good skills system(mining,woodcutting etc)
– Active and helpful game masters
– Many races and classes to choose from

– Poor animations in some ways(walking,water etc)
– Navigation is difficult
– Hard on new players
– No customization

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