Ancestors Legacy Is Now Available on GOG With Cross-Play

1C Entertainment announced this morning that their RTS, Ancestors Legacy is now on GOG today. In addition, the 50% launch discount is also live, so players can purchase the game and immediately dive into the medieval campaigns of four different European nations. Players are also able to take advantage of cross-play from GOG Galaxy and Steam to maximize their amount of opponents. Though the GOG release was delayed further back than expected, but it was worth it to have flawless cross-play across the two platforms.

The freedom of choice that GOG Galaxy provides for its users, as well as its various features, from achievements to the Cross-play feature, fits well with the improvements that the developers are constantly trying to deliver to fans. Same as new campaigns were gradually added to the game and are going to be part of Ancestors Legacy on GOG right away, adding new features and search for new possibilities is the developer’s goal.

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