Angels Online Interview

Questions by Brian Perry Jr.
Answers by Product Assistant of Angels Online  Joyce Chou

Onrpg: What sort of new content can we expect from this patch?
First, players will now be able to advance to Level 80, and we have finally included the long awaited Marriage System. In addition we have added 8 new maps with even more powerful monsters, giving players some really tough challenges to face from the bosses in instances. Also, we will be soon including some cute new robots.

Onrpg: Can you tell us more about the new maps?
The 8 new maps include Sad Abyss, Fiery Path, Lava Cave, Flaming Door, Underground Square, Hell Palace, Magic Kitchen Path, and Gulp Room. Magic Kitchen Path, and the Gulp Room are the new instances with more powerful bosses who will drop some rare elite equipment.

Onrpg: Will the new items that are available be found on the new maps, will they be able to be crafted by players or both?
Some new elite equipment can be obtained from bosses, while players belonging to the Production class will also be able to use certain materials to craft elite equipment.

Onrpg: Were there any particular player requests that shaped this new content?
Since the majority of our players are very young, and they like the romantic and enjoyable atmosphere, we will be releasing the Marriage System specifically at their request. In addition, the new instances and elite equipment are also what our players have demanded from day one.

Onrpg: What pet is your favorite out of the new ones and why? 
We will not release new pets in Eden until the next version.

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