Angels Online Interview

Eric Lin, Project Manager of Angels Online, was interviewed by Onrpg’s Senior Editor Brian Perry Jr.

Question: Can you give us a brief overview of what this new version of Angels Online will bring to players?
E.L.: Sure. The Lost Atlantis, the new expansion of Angels Online (, is fast approaching. It offers players a chance to explore mysterious areas, ship graveyards, the lost culture and legendary creatures of the deep, blue sea.
In the new version, the upper limit of levels will be 100. A series of new scenes and new instances will be available for players as well. In addition, a new system, Card Collection will be added to offer players a chance to enjoy different kinds of cards and the ability to obtain abundant rewards by collecting cards. The Holy Battlefield is a new PVP system which offers players a chance to show off their fighting skills. In a word, a new world full of adventures is waiting for the players. Just thinking about this makes me very excited.

Question: What types of rewards will the card collections offer?
E.L.: In order to free players from boring monster killing and fixed treasure hunting, the Card Collection system will emerge as time demands. Players can collect different kinds of cards by killing monsters, collecting materials and manufacturing items. Different cards have different ranking stars. It is more difficult to collect the higher ranking star ones. Of course, players can exchange their cards for corresponding equipment such as weapons or rides.
A series of cards including Common Monster Cards, Special Monster Cards, Character and Scene Cards, Equipment and Item Cards will be available for players in the new version. Players can collect cards in the Card Volume. When players obtain a card with a title of [NEW], it means that players don’t have this card yet. By defeating high-level monsters, players can obtain high ranking star cards. By clicking the Card Volume, players can find out about available prizes. They can exchange all their cards or some of them for prizes.

Question: How would you describe the theme of the new maps?
E.L.: Well, it’s known to all that long ago, there was a mystical kingdom called Atlantis. Here in the new expansion, it brings a city with the same name which is located to the west of the beautiful city of Eden. Generations of Angels lived and worked there in peace.
However, the peace was soon overwhelmed by the ferocity of war. After the war, Atlantis was torn from the land and sunk beneath the waves. That’s why we call the new expansion “The Lost Atlantis”. The scenery in the new version is very different from those in the former ones. Blue Seas, Colorful Coral Reefs and other new areas will pull players down into a fantastic underwater world. Many kinds of underwater creatures will be shown as well.

Question: Is there a new instance to explore? If so, can you tell us a little about it?
E.L.: Yeah, new instance is always an indispensable part of our new expansion. This time we actually bring two new instances: The Evil Ship and the Lost Region. The Evil Ship is on the base of the wreck Habosen which was sunk under the waves while exploring. After a great deal of investigation, Angels have found the location of Habosen wreck. However, there are also a lot of monsters surrounding it.
The Lost Region, which has been occupied by the Merman army, is what’s left of the ancient Atlantean culture after sinking below the waves. The Mermen destroyed the noble culture and stole the precious materials there. Angels all over the world have prepared to protect what’s left.

Question: Anything else that you would like players to be aware of regarding the patch?
E.L.: First of all, I’d like to say “Thank you” to all people there reading this article; especially to those ones who love this game and have been keeping an eye on the progress Angels Online ( has made in the past eight months. Thank you for your support!
New rides such as the Sea Horse and Octopus will be available for players in the new edition. Meanwhile, a new pet Dragon Egg, and the Advanced Blood Certificate are fast approaching as well. In addition, players may obtain cool Gleaming Weapons. Because we have updated a lot of content in the new edition, players had better download the patch in advance. The patch is in process of testing. It’s expected to be available by the end of September, 2008.

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