Angels Online Interview

By Rick Charbs, Onrpg Writer
Person interviewed: Joyce Zhou, Product assistant of AO

Angels Online is an ever-evolving “cute MMORPG” released by IGG. During this interview, held with Joyce Zhou, product assistant of Angels Online, we have distinguished that there is certainly a bright future for this title: “The new expansion “Green Forest” is currently in development, so there is always something new coming for Angels Online!” explained Joyce. Provided that you are not too old to judge this game by its style, you will surely enjoy what is to come in the near future!

Onrpg: It is understood that Angels Online now has a special in-game bot program. How has this affected the game?

Angels Online: After the release of the new expansion “the Lost Atlantis”, the highest character level was raised to 100. If newbie players cannot level up fast, the level gap between them and veteran players will grow. We feel this is not good for the game as a whole.

In order to help newbie players level up fast and give our veterans something more than boring monster killing, we have released an AFK tool, the Angel Baby, for all players to use. Players have a chance to experience more game elements and systems after they raise their level. For example, the Totem Battle becomes much more fun becasue more and more players and guilds can take part.

Onrpg: IGG runs many events for Angels Online, both in the forum and in-game. What are some of the ongoing events players can participate in?

Angels Online: As a cute MMORPG, most Angels Online players are relatively young. Being they are our primary audience, we’ve decided we should be paying more attention to in-game interaction and holding more events for them.

Recently, in order to buzz the in-game atmosphere, we held the “Sharks Coming” event to offer all players a chance to challenge those monsters with distinct shapes and high drop rates. The GM also randomly selected 30 lucky players and presented them with Battlefield Cursed Stones after the event ended.

The “Pet for Precious” event has also been very popular in game. By raising 2 or 3 ordinary pets, players can then exchange them for an advanced pet from a GM after it reaches the required level.

Onrpg: The Item Mall is a popular addition to this title. What items will we soon be able to purchase?

Angels Online: Well, items which help players level up fast are always available in the Item Mall. Because Thanksgiving will be here soon, a number of new Paper Moppets will be on the shelf. What’s more, some hot items will be sold at a discount soon. All players are welcome to join us!

Onrpg: Despite the already strong customization value of the game, will there be more options for character customization in the near future?

Angels Online: At present, players can change their character shapes, complexion and even gender with some of the items available. Players can also change their skills and learn skills from other classes.

In the Lost Atlantis, we haven’t updated this part yet, however, we will add some new elements such as various shapes and stances in the near future.

Onrpg: How is Angels Online such a unique MMORPG? What plans do you have for further enhancing this factor?

Angels Online: Thank you for your question. Angels Online possesses a unique robot system and an exceptional PVP system. Players in Angels Online can even learn skills from different classes’ if they would like.

The Robot system is specially designed for Production players. In the new expansion, new robots with new functions are available for all Production players to quicken their manufacturing speed. Apart from the Totem Battle, we have also released a new PVP system, the Holy Battlefield, in which players will be randomly divided into two armies and they have to capture crystals to win. Fighting players can take part in the capturing of crystals while Production players can build defensive devices to hold the enemies back.

Onrpg: A very popular feature of the game is “Totem Wars”. Could you please explain this event?

Angels Online: Sure.The Totem Battle was released early and it continued the Outpost Battlefield system. Players can monopolize all materials in the area after they occupy the totem. Players who really distinguish themselves in battle even have a chance to obtain special equipment and titles.

The Totem Battle’s design is based on battle among guilds. Each map possesses a faction totem. By destroying the totem, players from the winning guild can monopolize all materials on this map. They can also trade with local NPCs, explore special materials, accept special quests and challenge the BOSS.

Onrpg: What have been your most memorable moments of running AO so far?

Angels Online: Hehe, fun question. Some of my friends even acted as ordinary players and created a guild in game to take part in the Totem Battle. After we defeated the most powerful guild in the server and occupied their totem, the whole guild was still cheerful. The cooperation and the friendship, not victory, was the most important thing to them. This is the sign of a true ‘community’ of players, which is something we really stress in AO.

Onrpg: What is your personal favourite faction in Angels Online?

Angels Online: As the publishers of Angels Online, we were able to experience a new system, the Holy Battlefield, first after the new expansion was released. What a surprise! Holy Battlefield is more reasonable than the Totem Battle. It offers players more interaction. It starts with participants being randomly divided into two armies which must PVP and capture crystals from their opponents. With the inclusion of Production class players building defences, and Fighting players capturing crystals and …well, fighting, we felt it was a really unique way of approaching PVP battle.

Players’ skills are not the only thing that matters in game. Team work and cooperation can decide whether an army can win the battle or not! It’s this team-based strategy that helps develop bonds of friendship among guild members and players in general.
After the event ends, players from both armies can obtain abundant rewards, making it fun for everyone!

Onrpg: What are the restrictions to owning a pet, if you do not wish to pay real money for them? Is payment necessary to distinguish yourself as a player?

Angels Online: Wind Elf, Fire Elf, Water Elf and Earth Elf are available in all cities in game. After players gain enough in-game coins, they can buy these pets from the appointed NPC.

It is wrong if you think that players have to buy items in the Angels Online Item Mall to succeed in AO. Each player can become a top player, even if they’ve never used the Item Mall. Items in the Item Mall just offer players more fun and faster leveling.

Players can set stalls in game. At present, most items in the Item Mall can be bought from players’ stalls in game using in game money.

Onrpg: Angels Online has undergone many updates, including a major expansion pack. What are the plans for future updates of the game?

Angels Online: Yeah, as you said, the new expansion “The Lost Atlantis” was released in October. Future plans will be made according to players’ level details and the game development. The new expansion “Green Forest” is currently in development, so there is always something new coming for Angels Online!

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