12 Sky 2 Europe Official Launch

MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd. is all set to announce the commercial launch of the highly anticipated title “Twelve Sky 2 – Rise of the Sky Clan” on 26th May 2009, an endeavour which signifies MAYN Interactive’s commitment towards complete gamer satisfaction and leave them craving for more.
With the launch of TwelveSky 2, one of the most compelling Free-to-Play PvP (Player versus Player) MMORPGs online, players can look forward to a more dynamic warring environment, with large scale PvP battles. TwelveSky 2 boasts of three gallant clans, Tiger, Dragon and Snake. During our commercial launch we shall be launching the much awaited Sky Clan – a more exclusive clan for our gamers. TwelveSky 2 promises to be more interactive with special features allowing gamers to take control of a dynasty by getting elected as a Clan leader and selecting 12 vices. Once elected, gamers are in control for an entire month leaving them not only to display gaming skills but strategic planning as well.
Team MAYN is gearing up for the big day, and after successful Beta testings, we are ready to launch “TwelveSky 2” which is available for free download at our official website at 12sky2.com.  New gamers can sign up and immerse in the Orient right away, while returning players can use their existing accounts and characters created during Beta. ” We are indeed very excited about the Commercial Launch, “ said Young Shin, CEO of Mayn Interactive. “We hope with this venture we can achieve complete gamer satisfaction and cater to their every need.”
Here’s a brief glimpse of what’s in store for all you gamers out there!
Rise of the Sky Clan – You’ve heard it over and over again, and it’s finally here! As the newest member of TwelveSky 2, The Sky clan is ready to join the battle grounds with the existing clans. An age old power led by Lord Kian, holds the key to the ultimate battle. However long, tireless warfare awaits and only the brave hearted can venture into these new terrains with new foes. Experience state-of-the-art maps specially designed to accommodate the newest arrivals. The Sky clan will be released at our commercial launch of TwelveSky 2, where the platforms are completely ready, with no technical glitches to interrupt your violent carnage. After numerous testings and trouble shooting Team MAYN is ready to deliver the highly anticipated, adrenaline pumping MMORPG. TwelveSky 2- Rise of the Sky Clan is now ready to roll, so clench your swords and get ready for war, cause it’s going to be a long one!
New Pets- Your faithful accomplices throughout your war torn journey just got better! We added 5 pets last week and Team MAYN is rolling out 4 more for all gamers out there. Introducing the Tribal Lion, Azure Magpie, Crown Seahorse and Flying Hawk, these pets will be by your side throughout your battle. Each pet is endowed with a special buff; so feed them and watch them grow, and they will protect you in return.
Cash Item Mall- If you thought things were going good, well they get even better! The all new Cash Item Mall for TwelveSky 2 also makes it’s entry into the battle grounds. With 55 brand new items for you to browse through and purchase, the Item Mall is a delight to every gamer. Sparkling and novel goods overflow in the Mall’s shelves. Look out for the Kirin Scale which prevents your items from breaking and crumbling into pieces. The 8 Tri-game gives the gamer added inventory space, more storage for your valuables. The Guardian Edict stops your experience from deteriorating even when attacked by a powerful monster. The Talisman endows the user with double experience points. Phoenix Tears allow double experience for an entire 60 minutes. Many more Vanity items to make your character look it’s best and stand out in a crowd. Sounds tempting?Can’t wait to get your hands on these precious goodies? Join the war today!
Alliance System- Tired of seeing only one clan slay foes mercilessly? Tired of hearing their battle cries of victory echoing in the fields, over and over again? Fear not, in the upcoming Patch on 26th May, two clans can actually gang up against a powerful clan and form a strong alliance. This allows for more balanced play, and of course more dynamic war fare. Based on a clan points system, if a particular clan has more points than the combined points of any two clans, then the weaker clans have no reason to crouch in a corner or run for cover. Form an alliance and explore the infinite possibilities of a combined kinship! In an alliance you can access either of the two clan’s maps, which means more unexplored grounds, so check it out now!
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