2029 Online: Four Distinguishing Features

2029 Online a skill based epic Sci-fi MMORPG that was 3 years in the making. The game designers spent that time crafting a simple idea into a challenging gaming masterpiece. Being the first of anything is pretty historic, but since the day this game was released it’s been taking the fight right to the competition. Two titles for being the first sci-fi MMORPG classic and becoming a leader in many MMO feature categories is only the beginning.

– First MMORPG with a good amount of 3 Corridors, RTS and RPG elements thrown into the mix.
– First MMO game launched with a Fighting Vehicle DIY and auto leveling system.
– Quick and versatile location design
– Filled with tightly plotted instanced dungeons
– A powerful mercenary system and a unique guild system

Any one of these would make a game good, but put them all together and you have a game that will keep you captivated for hours at a time.

RTS (Real-time Strategy)
As a sci-fi based RTS MMO game, 2029 Online is a real war simulation. This game is set to take RTS war games to a new level with a painstakingly created, awe-inspiring cinematic game environment. Some of the cool features include information access, base building and combat tactical maneuvering. You should build your heroes, destroy your opponents’ armies, then roll over their cities and take them with no mercy. Can you be ruthless enough to prevail, or will you end up as another victim in the battle for supremacy?

AFV DIY system
In 2029 Online, you are encouraged to increase your movement speed via an AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle). However, as you move through the game and are engaged in more vigorous warfare, you will need to upgrade your AFV. By making little changes on your vehicles and arming them to the teeth with weapons, armor and a powerful driving force device, your vehicle will certainly attract a lot of the wrong kind of attention, but that’s half the fun isn’t it? These fighting vehicles can even be upgraded and refined into whatever specific vehicle suits your needs; talk about customization!

In 2029 Online, military tactics, diplomatic tricks and strategic cooperation are essential aspects of play. You must have a clear awareness of the enemies’ position(s) and the structures under their control to secure certain areas of the map. You and your armies are pitting your combat strategies and knowledge against your enemies’ fortifications and defensive cunning. The quick feel and quality of the RTS helps this RPG game stand out amid the glut of war games available now.

Brand New Guild Construction Concept
Guilds become much stronger simply by recruiting more guild members. This sounds easy, but it can be very difficult. Each time a guild moves up to a new level, they are going to attract more players join them. The irony being that the more members you need, the less likely new members are to join. Being a Sci-fi RPG, guild members in 2029 Online are dedicated to the development of cutting-edge technology which is used to make lethal weapons and build sophisticated defensive systems. They strive for invulnerability by polishing their attacking and defensive skills as well as stressing the value of a team spirit. Once you are in a guild, the interaction with members helps build a bond between players. This brotherhood will be the rock you need when you have your back to the wall and need someone to back you up.

Exclusive private spaces can be created where you can fight with your friends or slash enemies in heated solo head to head combat. Conflicts and war are evitable. In 2029 Online, the most spectacular battles await you on the battlefields of tomorrow.

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