2029 Online: Game Development and Optimization Report

We are now vigorously testing 2029 online, modifying its functions so that they are more user friendly, and the system is fully optimized. So players will be more able to enjoy our game.
As a newbie, you may confront a situation where the durability of your equipment has decreased but you don’t have enough gold to repair it. So we have added an function that you can repair your equips in NPC for free. Just click on Free Repair to get your equipment fully repaired. It is totally free.
As a newbie, at the very beginning you may be not so familiar with the game controls.  But don’t worry we have strived to design more friendly UI windows which are also a lot less complicated to understand.
We are now focused on fixing the inevitable issues and problems that have arisen from our repeated testing. The Alpha Test will soon begin. During the Alpha Test we will provide great rewards, including the Fast Leveling Pack for our players. By using the fast leveling pack, you can level up faster, hunt monsters and PVP far more easily than ever before. In addition every Alpha Tester will also receive a high-level weapon, valued at over $ 50, in the Closed-Beta Test.  So keep your eyes peeled for more info on our official website.
The main game system will be open during Alpha Test, including all of the battle fields and game systems. So our players will all be able to experience the unique charm of 2029 Online!
2029 Alpha Test will soon be here. Stay tuned for the official release date and see you in the game!

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