2029 Online: Races Introduction

In the world of 2029 Online, there are three races on the Helen Continent which is the main activity place for players, Humans, Dryad and Electronic Elves. Each race has its unique cultural, Character traits, profile and owns different technology and advantages. Also, different race is good for using different weapons. Here below is the introduction for each race from the game:

Humans were forced to leave their motherland behind which was destroyed in a massive explosion and then travelled to Helen Continent to carve out a new existence. As for technology, they have a blind faith in the fuel propulsion system. Compared with other races, Humans take a pretty reserved attitude towards developing high tech industries.

Humans have an average height of 1.6 to 1.8 meters. Their weight varies from 50KG to 80KG. They commonly wear fiber clothes or some sort of metal armor. Some Humans prefer to be distinct in their makeup or clothing by making changes to their hairstyle, wearing jewelry, painting tattoos or piercing their bodies.


Dryads are powerful because they are ardent disciples of nature’s power. In Dryad’s society, biotechnology has been developed thoroughly, and their research into genetics has impacted on their manufacturing capabilities. They have devised a number of products that use genetics as their basis, using and altering natural substances to produce what they need.

Male Dryads are 2 to 2.5 meters tall. But they look smaller because they always hunch their bodies while walking. They weigh approximately 130kg. Female Dryads have an average height of 1.5 meters and weight around 55kg. The large difference in body size between male and female Dryads produces diversification in their physical appearances. Male Dryads have rubbery skin and are muscular green giants with curly hair, sturdy shoulders and big hands with solid fingers. Female Dryads are attractive and feminine. All Dryads like to wear tight fitting clothes made of metal, which represents longevity and will outlive many other forest residents.

Electronic Elves
Electronic Elves are conceited and gloomy and their disdainful attitude often engenders hostility from other races. However, their superior ability means that despite their frustration, other races do not often cause aggression. Electricity and magnetism defines Electronic Elves’ technology. They widely use electromagnetic power in daily life, production and even in battles with magnetic materials.

Electronic Elves are about 2 meters in height, but nobody knows their weight as they always float in air. Besides their slim figure and animal hair, a pair of huge ears is the biggest feature of their appearance. Since they seldom do sports, their legs are weak and thin. Electronic Elves love wearing robes and big earrings and also like flaunting the sound produced by the continuous collision of their robes and earrings when they move.

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