4Story Announces Newbie Leveling Event

4Story Announces Newbie Leveling Event



Zemi Interactive has announced a new leveling contest in their global version of 4Story. All players that successfully fulfill the requirements will receive $30 worth of cash shop currency and a chance at winning a new monitor!

To participate, you must do the following:


1. Register

2. Create a character

3. Reach level 10

4. Play 1hour everyday for 30 days

5. Write a ticket or send a tell to any GM confirming 1 through 4.

Once confirmed the staff will send you 3000 points of cash shop currency! The event has already begun and will run till December 31st, 2011. By the end of January, all successful players will be placed in a drawing to win a new monitor. However, since this is an event only for the new comers, there won’t be any notices regarding the event. The only way to claim your reward will be to say the magic words to the GM or send a ticket to the administrator. “Give me a prize for the Newbie Event!”

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