4Story: Endless Events

4Story: Endless Events


Zemi Interactive’s 4Story Team has been running event after event, always trying to come up with new ideas for fun activities for the players to experience in-game.
What is most intriguing and unique about 4Story Events is that most of the time they will be run by GMs, and players can directly interact with the GMs in game, making the community more lively and user friendly. A large variety of events has been running throughout the massive gameworld of 4Story. Events like racing events, quizes and trivia events but also PvP 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, or even 7 vs 7. However, the most exciting events are usually the events where GMs actually participate themselves, for instance there was an event called “GM Killer”, giving the players a chance to kill the GM to get rewards or “Hit the GM” giving gifts to players who has the highest damage point hitting the GMs. Events like “Who is the Spy?” has also gotten lots of interest from players, making them find the GM in the opposing faction’s City, and lots more!


4Story announces endless events!



Aside from the Events that are run by the GMs as well as daily and weekly events, the 4Story Team also accepts player’s ideas for events. The 4Story forums have a section for players to send in their own ideas for events giving Zemi Inc. fresh new ideas and at the same time giving the players the ability to trully influence their gaming experience.
And now the events within the game just got better since the Broa update, the final 3rd faction that everyone has been waiting for. Since the Broa kingdom is neutral grounds, both players from the opposing factions Defugel and Craxion can participate in the events together. The best part about these events is that everyone has a chance to win something, and it’s level friendly, so even the low level players and new players have a chance to win. Also, since GMs are personally attending these events new players have a higher chance to learn about what is going on in-game, getting tips and help from the GMs on how the events are held and how the game evolves. 
So with 4Story’s endless events and their endless rewards the game itself makes it more interesting for players, constantly giving them something to do on top of just enjoying the content that is already implemented in the game. The events are always very user friendly and they help to further improve the in-game community allowing players to interact with the GMs and even players of different factions!

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