4StoryÂ’s Refinement Events

4Story’s Refinement Events


Zemi Interactive’s Free to play MMORPG 4Story is about refining! For those of you who don’t know, a huge amount of fun from 4Story comes from upgrading and refining items and gear. Refining is basically the function of adding additional stat options to your armors or weapons. Players are able to go to a specific NPC and add on different stat options of their choice to make their strong weapons and armors even stronger!


4Story Refinement Events


Since refining is a big part of the game every other weekend ZEMI will throw in a Refinement Event or sometimes even throughout the whole week! The event makes it so that the success rate of refining increases so that the players will have a higher chance of transferring the options they want over to their items. Refinement of weapons and armors does take great amount of work, however it’s that much fun and exciting at the same time! With the help of the Refinement Events players will always have a chance to get the best of options on their items and when you do you can brag about it to all your fellow guild mates or friends! So come and improve your items, get strong, get stronger and be EPIC!

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