5 Street: Spring version!

SnailGame will bring you total new Spring Version of 5 Street. The Spring version features as following: new clothes, new songs, and new activities. in stored, and exciting things to discover !

1, New interface
a. Chat box interface replacement.
b. The lower right button to add a scroll bar area to make the interface more clearly.

2, More Actions
a. 2 Single Stunts.
b. 2 Lover Stunts
c. 2 My style My show Actions.
d. 5 Couple Interaction Actions .
e. Two more Group Interaction Actions.
f. Add more than 100 dance steps.
g. 12 Interaction With pets.
h. 10 Pets Actions.
i. An additional 7 Hotels Interactions.

3. More Music
There are 15 songs will be add in game include 9 English Songs and 6 Korean Songs, All of them are recommend by our players.

4. More Pets
There will be 4 Pets for adoption in Pet Shop first.

5. More Fashion
There will be 74 more brand-new Spring Clothes and ornaments add in Mall. More Fashion Style in 5Street.

6. New Event
Weekly Event: Archery
Event Time: 11:00-12:00 and 21:00-22:00 server time (Every Saturday and Sunday)
Event Place: Map, Paramount, School, Manor, China Town, Titanic
a. Buy a bow in the Mall and equip it
b. Buy the arrows in the Store and set hotkey
c. The system will announce the event starts, Please pay attention to the in-game broadcast
d. Click the object (Moon) and Click arrows hotkey to shoot
e. You can get Scores, Yellow Grape Wine, 2 x EXP certificate, 4 x Battle EXP certificate, Diamond Treasure Box or nothing in Single Mode Randomly; you can get Blood of the T-Rex, Pepsi, arrow, skateboard, TooToo or nothing Randomly;

7. Others
a. Add BMG in Map
b. Correct some translation mistakes
c. Couple title “Lover” will be change to “husband” or “Wife”
d. Restart “free Treasure Box gift event” and “Exp Event” in weekend
e. Fix the bug of the “Satan blood wing(M)”
f. Fix the bug of no answer in Quiz

The latest manual patch will be released on March 24th, please update after the Maintenance.

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