60,000 US Dollars Given Away! – Phoenix Dynasty Online Hottest News!

We are glad to announce that the Play to Earn Campaign has been successfully concluded. We are glad to know that players really love this Play to Earn activity and during the last month, they were working hard and helped to improve Phoenix Dynasty Online a lot.
To express our sincere gratitude for their enthusiasm for the game, we rewarded the PDO players with unprecedentedly huge Phoenix Points totally equivalent to the value of 60.000 US dollars.

On the other hand, our players also felt much obliged to us, for they not only could receive homage from other players but also, more important, can purchase such bizarre and helpful PP items as potions producing special effects, unique mounts and unmatched equipment to arm themselves. With PDO prospering as time pass by, these players backed by such precious PP items will surely play an important role in the game.

Our Play to Earn Campaign come to a slight halt here but it will not cease. In the near future we will bring it back to benefit more players and to show Phoenix Dynasty Online is a true Play to Earn online game!

You can purchase Phoenix Points by clicking here.

Dont’ forget other in-game interesting events giving players free PP, such as Item Crafting Contest, Real Life Pictures Selection and Writing Contest. You can visit PDO official website here for more information. In addition, PDO will frequently launch special offer campaigns to entertain players. In such campaigns you can purchase precious PP items at preferential prices. Currently a similar campaign is fully launched. If you are interested in it, please visit here.

You won’t be disappointed with those high quality goods.

In the end of this month, the first expansion pack of Phoenix Dynasty Online will be released. It will add a lot of new functions to the game and you will experience totally different ways to play a MMORPG. For more information, please visit here .

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