A Brief View on Elf Online Production System

A Brief View on Elf Online Production System

Production System plays an important role in Elf Online. It helps gamers a lot in their daily playing. High level armors, rare pets, unique weapons….. All these could not do without production system.

There are two catalogues in production system: Collection and Manufacturing. Collection includes hunting, collecting and mining; Manufacturing includes cooking, manufacturing and forging. You can learn production skill when reach level 5, but keep in mind that, you can only learn one kind of skill in either collection or Manufacturing catalogue. You can go to so called production robot beside the leader of Wulong Village or Carefree Village.

A lot of players don’t know how to use the skill they have learned, for instance, you can’t use hunting and mining skill at will. First of all, you need tools. Go to buy them from the NPC you learned skill from. The tools you can buy are primary ones, to buy advanced tools, you should go to the specialized NPC. If you learn hunting, go to buy high-quality hunting knife from Hunting Instruction Robot, the same way goes to mining. As for the usage of high-quality tools, you can certainly use them to the material of high-quality. Move the mouse upon the high-quality tool and you can know the material it can exploit.

Let’s talk about how to collect next. When playing in the map, you may see some small icons of chicken leg,potherb,black stone or others in the navigation map. All of them could be collected. Chicken leg is dug by the one learns hunting, potherb for collecting and black stone for mining. Please note that the chicken leg can run around, what’s more, you may find it is a flying fish, duck, chicken egg, rat or pig in fact if you draw near to see. Keep tools in your backpack and click the things above when come across, then you can get them.

The more important thing is to select your specialty when learning manufacturing. It means that if you select one specialty, you can just learn one only. Collection skills are in line with Manufacturing skills. The material gotten from hunting can be manufactured into soft armour, collected material for cloth armour and ore for fine armour. The rare ore like dark reef,amazonite can be forged into weapons. Please note that those rare materials like dark reef,common sound thread and perfect light skin can be gotten with high probability when collect materials.

To learn the above mentioned Manufacturing skills, firstly go to buy recipe from the specified NPC. If you learn manufacturing, go to buy recipe from Manufacture Instruction Robot beside the equipment merchant. The ones learn forging should go to buy recipe from the Forging Instruction Robot beside the blacksmith. Someone want to learn cooking have to look for the cooking master by themselves in either East Carefree Village or North Wulong Village. After bought the recipe, click the right mouse to learn and then press button R to find production system. All the learned recipes will display by a book in button R. Click the book and then the recipes will display. All the needed materials have written below. When you find the required material, press button R to open and then begin to manufacture after click the manufacturing key on the bottom. If you have obtained sufficient materials of all kinds, you can click the whole manufacturing to do once and for all.

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