A Dear John Letter to “Legend of Titan” Developers:

2016-06-15 12_31_55-Greenshot

Dear “Legend of Titan” Developers,

Seriously guys. What the fuck? Are you even trying? Below there will be a video that I want ANYONE who reads this to watch. It’s going to look markedly familiar. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Legend of Titan is a shooter out of China. Apparently Chinese developers don’t even have to be original or creative; this isn’t the first thing I’ve seen from a Chinese development team that all but robbed another creation; but Blizzard? Is that the fight you want to take on? Blizzard, creator of World of Warcraft, Diablo, Rock and Roll Racing and The Lost Vikings? I don’t pretend to understand Chinese law, or Chinese Copyright law, but this “Legend of Titan” game looks really familiar to me. I just can’t place it. Let’s look at a visual:

Oh hey, is that Battleborn? No, not Battleborn. Call of Duty? No, that’s not it. I KNOW.  OVERWATCH. They blatantly ripped off Overwatch to try and make a few bucks over in their home country. To their credit, there are a few new art assets, but holy damnit. Instead of “Legend of Titan”, why not call it “Lawsuit: The Video Game” or “Underview”? Come on guys. I know game development’s fucking hard. But that’s . . . I’m not even sure what that is. But I promise you, if myself and Colton can get our hands on this and connect to a server? You’ll see a video for it. You have my word on that.  It was produced, though I use that word lightly, by “Xi’an Vulcan Network Technology”, and it’s a mobile game. Apparently they spent two million bucks developing this. ON WHAT? Securing the name, and then lines of coke to do off of prostitutes? I want to know where that money went.  To the fine folks at Xi’an, if you’re throwing money around that hard, us fine folks at Bottom Tier are looking for a little start-up capital for a game we want to develop: Realms of Combatmaking. Thoughts?


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