A New Beginning for Neosteam

A New Beginning for Neosteam
Get ready as Neosteam transfers to GameNetworks (www.gamenetworks.com) and will have its commercial launch on Sept 9, 2008! New and exciting changes are implemented that will surely raise the level of your Neosteam gaming experience.

Here are the new updates:

  • Opening of Rope Isle
  • New WASD controls
  • Boss Summon Raid System

New events are also lined up for the commercial launch of Neosteam:

  • Nations at Conflict 2: The Plot of Betrayal
    – Sequel of the highly successful Nations at Conflict Event.
  • Treasure Hunt in Jarits Garden
    – Event dedicated to all new players of Neosteam
  • GCoins Giveaway
    – Event to let users be the first to experience the Neosteam premium items
  • Neosteam Star Writer
    – Be the best blogger and win excellent prizes

In relation to its commercial launch updates, another huge update will be implemented on Sept 23, 2008. The update includes:

  • RVR (Realm Vs. Realm)
  • RVR Dungeon
  • Special Skill Implementation
  • Attribute, Mastery Skills
  • Main Towns Renewal
  • Skill balance adjustment
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