A New Phase Begins! Magic World Online (MWO) Will Start Closed Beta II.

Ingle Games announced today that it will start the second round of Closed Beta Test for its new-concept mythic MMORPG, Magic World Online (MWO) on April 6, 2008. The goal of this round of Closed Beta is to perform thorough stress test on the game servers, which can host up to 3000 peak con-current players per server group. The publisher decides to offer open registrations and invite everyone to join CB2. More excitingly, all CB2 testers’ accounts and characters will be preserved from this moment on, and there will be no more server wipes.

Meanwhile, Ingle Games announced that the recent MWO CB1 test was a tremendous success due to the help of over 800 devoted players. The game servers were was running smoothly, and the developers have fixed all of the major bugs in the game.

The CB1 testers were thrilled about some of the unique features of Magic World Online, such as the in-game Video Chat System and the Robot System. The Video Chat System allows you to see who you are playing with, and gives you more chance to make new friends in the magic world. The Robot System allows you to free your hands from the boring mouse clicking, and provides you a more relaxing game-playing environment: you can eat dinner, go to bathroom, chat, etc, while your character is non-stop leveling in game. While botting is a big problem and illegal in most MMORPGs, Ingle Game has found an innovative way to solve this problem and provide fair and better game-play for all players. Now botting won’t be your sin, but your genuine pleasure!

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