A Preview of Armor for Moonmaidens

The Official IGG site for Zu Online has announced a preview of the armor designed for the Moonmaiden.
Moonmaidens are revered for their quick attacks, and skillful dexterity while fighting in the Secondary World. They perform well both in short range and long range. They can gain the upper hand on their enemies using special magical abilities. Legends swirl around them, stories of enemies trapped with sorcery and of them appearing out of thin air to attack their enemies quickly and quietly. By the time you know they’re there, it’s already too late. And most mysteriously, is how they’ve earned a reputation for being sweet and beautiful, when they possess skills rivaling the most deadly assassins.
There are sets of armor for Moonmaidens ranging from level 1 to level 6. Every set has two kinds; one bought and one found. Players can buy one of them in the armor shops in the game and the other can be obtained from mobs.

To view more amours please head over to http://zu.igg.com

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