A Preview of Armor for Summoners

The Official IGG site for Zu Online has announced a preview of the armor designed for the Summoners.

Summoners are the mysterious inhabitants of Desert City. Few people know their real features in all Secondary World. They are only keen on studying the spells of banishing souls and ghost-avoidance. They are alone and appear infused with black flames.

Summoners can not only change into monsters and use their power, they can also summon powerful gods to protect themselves or attack their opponents. It is said that high-level Summoners can summon the Ti-tsang Lord.

Summoners are the most industrious in the Second World. They study various spells all day long, everyday. They scorn both the noble clans and the demons. So they never admit that they fight for the forces of good.

There are sets of armor for summoners ranging from level 1 to level 6. Every set has two kinds; one bought and one found. Players can buy one of them in the armor shops in the game and the other can be obtained from mobs.

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