Absolute Force Online Upcoming Update Brings New Events, Maps and More

Absolute Force Online Upcoming Update Brings New Events, Maps and More


Absolute Force Online


NetDragon has just announced several elaborate elements to be included in its newest FPS, Absolute Force Online. At the end of 2012, AFO successfully finished its closed beta testing phase, and officially began to allow open registration in open beta, demonstrating the company’s great new addition to its gaming lineup.



In the near future, there will be new holiday and special event weapons added, as well as a Spring Festival themed map, and new ‘Heroes’ will all be there for players to choose from. What’s more, a stronger and deeper customization function will also become available for players to make their in-game characters unique and exciting. Players will have the ability to change their faces, hair style, skin, and tattoos from among the numerous styles available. As for weapons, players can enhance the looks of weapons, and paint them with special patterns that can be unlocked. A character development system will also be available in the future, bringing players the ability to gain special titles, fulfill in-game achievements, and strengthen the various weapons and equipment.



Among all of these future additions, the most attractive to players is the enhanced ‘Zombie Mode’. Together with two new zombies types, the Werewolf and Vampire, newly designed maps will be added to this mode. As before, humans in Zombie Mode will be able to receive new weapons that are powerful enough to protect themselves from the undead. Players can purchase the type of zombie they like, and can choose to become that zombie upon infection, while zombies will also be allowed to respawn in-game. With the popularity of zombie lore in recent years, it’s sure to be one of the more popular game modes available.

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